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Fatal Floors

Extreme Indovian
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Fatal Floors last won the day on April 22 2019

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  1. Been caining that play time brother. Keep it up.
  2. Welcome brother, number 1 streamer here.
  3. You aren't the only person who plays Indova. If it appeals to the masses, then why not.
  4. Finally got activated on youtube to live stream! Thanks to @Theruler17 for duoing corp and CoX with me during the stream. Stream Link - https://www.youtube.com/user/ADEcrew/live Latest Video Link -
  5. Thank you for your 10/10 paint skills. Agree with most of these QoL's, specially lowering the defence of Zamorak and Arma.
  6. This. You can make house tabs, and they work. No support.
  7. Unlucky, I suppose if it's you planking, it's not quite as bad as dying due to a DC or something! Good luck with the reg ironman
  8. https://www.smashcast.tv/fatalfloors Currently live streaming some Slayer
  9. I mean... who ta fuck pk's with a bludgeon and ring of wealth... Even so, congratulations on the spoils.
  10. That's not bad actually, congratulations. I don't think I've hit the very rare table with probably over 500 opened
  11. I feel this. Can have a look at doing something.

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