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  1. Welcome to the grind, Owl!
  2. H a w k


    Welcome to the grind, Jeremy!
  3. Updated some bits of the guide, including Herblore secondaries!
  4. H a w k


    Welcome to the grind, Ryan!
  5. It is time. If you're an ironman playing Indova and haven't joined the No Trading cc yet.. what exactly are you doing??? Introduction Despite a couple tries by fellow players, ironmen still didn't have a place to stay up until now. We aim to be a friendly community helpful to those of us playing the more challenging game modes. During your ironman adventure you may often find yourself stuck with a bunch of questions. We are there to help you with the answers. Rules Bless us with your humour, have fun playing the game and let others have a good time. Oh, and server rules apply. For any questions you may have, contact @Meyme or @Hci Hawk Ranks Having had a lot of past experience with running clan chats, it's safe to say that some people tend to get power hungry. We don't want that to be the case here. We are a team and we are all equal. Watch a romantic movie if you want drama. Here at the No Trading cc we want you to chill and take it easy, alright? Thx Upon joining the clan you will be given the Recruit rank. All further promotions are made based on how active you are and how long you've been in the clan for. A person with a higher rank than yours does not mean they have power over you.
  6. Welcome to the grind, sir!
  7. Those posts were always a nice read. I would love to see that on here too. Why not assemble a team and get this going?
  8. Welcome to the grind! Good luck with everything you want to achieve
  9. Yeah, it definitely looks like he's still dead. July 6th
  10. Took a while, but I can finally end my Cerberus grind. I am exhausted.
  11. H a w k


    Some chargeable items simply can't be placeheld. Same thing applies to a DFS too, for example.
  12. Currently there is no Music cape, but it is going to be added. And regarding the Max cape variants - we have all of them

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