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  1. I like what Wingdragon is suggesting. It sounds a tiny bit P2P and OP, but im generally on-board with those suggestions.
  2. Dope dope! Thanks for doing a great job!
  3. @C R I MNot meant to be an anti bot thing, could also just be a fun superior to break the monotone grind
  4. Weebs. Just like the title says, but not exactly like the slayer superiors. I was thinking more like "random" events that OSRS used to have, if you remember. They used to have anti-afk measures that either punished the player if he was afk or rewarded with a gift if they were there (broken axe if you wc, ghost random enemy, rock guy, ent, etc...) So I was thinking maybe it would be cool to add that to here, but in terms of enemies, ya know? Lets say you afk at crabs and you feel safe farming your exp but then boom! A giant rock crab appears and it will kick your butt if you afk, but if you kill it, youll get good rewards. Maybe an easy clue casket for an easy monster or something like that, and it scales with each monster you are fighting or even activity youre doing. Still with me? I think this will make grinding so much more fun and rewarding! Not sure how easy or hard it is to code, but hey, could be fun if it works! This isnt a complete idea, so if you have any suggestions for this, if you like it or dislike it, lets talk about it. I would really love it if things like this or others will be added to the game, I want Indova to be the best RSPS out there and I hope you guys are with me on this. Comment below!
  5. @zixxenYea!! That sounds like a dope idea! @Gary I hope those keys will be implemented, that was a really good idea Also, you keep saying things arent top priority, and yes we know that, but it just brings down the post kinda, so please try to refrain from saying that <3 I hope that these suggestions will make the current players entertained and wanting to stay, and maybe lure other players from other servers.
  6. I think that if you want to change a duo but your partner doesnt, then that duo partnership isnt going to workout anyways. Whats probably going to happen in that example is that both of those people will just start over with another duo or by themselves, which is what this bond will save from happening. The time they put into their skills and items will stay with them, as they find a new duo.
  7. Asuh dude. What do you all think about adding more events to wildy? I love Glod, so I was thinking maybe add another wildy tank event, barrelchest or something like that? Maybe have him be more rare and more competition? Or maybe even just have him between glods! Maybe even give him some other loot? Who knows, so many possibilites! I go to wildy just for glod usually, and thats once every 2 hours, but it would be more cool if there would be more reasons to go there. If not another tank event, maybe have some other wildy events, like something in the resource area or double chances for loot from some wildy boss. Just to liven up wildy a bit. What do you think? Would love to see more people there.
  8. Hello Indovians! Ive been thinking about this for some time now, and we have all experienced this or know of someone who has a duo that quit \ stopped playing for various reasons. Im sure most of us, when heard of a friend that it happened to him, thought; "That sucks, man" and theres nothing we could do about it (except telling the active player to start over, which again, sucks) Which bring me to this suggestion, a bond that will let you change a duo in case of someone quitting on you! I feel like that would make playing duo much more fun for people that got unlucky with their duo. Im hoping the Duo Change Bond will be something you can purchase with GP rather than actual money, it should be a substantial amount of money, maybe 100m? So it wouldnt be abused. Im open to add more suggestions to this idea if you guys have any, post them in the comments and lets talk about it, let me know what you think!
  9. Yes yes yes and yesss! I didnt know its an option in OSRS and I kept hoping a thing like that would happen. 100% support from me! Would love to see this implemented.
  10. @wingdragon The dodgy necklace is not for the loot, its for the chance to not get stunned, whereas the rogue set and the cape only work for the loot. "While equipped, the necklace provides a 25% chance to prevent the player from being stunned and damaged while pickpocketing NPCs." Thats a really good point, itll probably help lots of low XP rate peeps
  11. As someone who likes thieving to make some extra shekels on the side, I would really enjoy this piece of jewelry if it would be implemented! There is a big thieving hobby in Indova and I always see people thieving and trying to get to 200m exp and even get the rogue set! What would it take to code the Dodgy necklace into Indova? I know its not a first priority and is a side thing, but what I do know for sure that me, and a bunch of other Indovians will appreciate this necklace! Here is a link: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Dodgy_necklace Let me know if you agree or anything thats on your mind!
  12. Yessss! Get ready for a huge amount of money coming in from all the people who were sitting on $50 donation rank If you need any help, pm at me

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