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  1. Kiyoshi


    Hello Indovians, unfortunately, it is time for me to part ways. I won't go into specific detail but sadly this server does not provide what I want & need. Things won't change for a while as it seems, and I've witnessed too much over the past few weeks to realize Indova's state will always be the same. It's been a blast how-ever and I have enjoyed every minute of being apart of this server up until as of recent. I've lost motivation to play, & I don't see it coming back anytime soon. Thank-you to everyone who has helped me out throughout my journey, and I wish the staff-team nothing but the best of luck with future endeavors. If I could throw in one piece of advice before I depart - is that please listen to your community & what they want and need. In the end of the day the player(s) are what makes this server flourish. I don't want to go on a rant but there are reason(s) as to why I am leaving. Anyhow, wishing everyone the best of luck. Take care!
  2. Awesome suggestion, defiantly a +1 in my eyes & not only that, but I'd be a huge fan of this suggested content. Good-job.
  3. Nooo, my MOTM is being stripped. Curse you all. Best of luck to all nominations.
  4. Thanks for your time as a Server Support; wish you nothing but the best of luck with your future endeavors.
  5. Great job, team. Always fond of new updates. Thank you thank you.
  6. My man... Welcome to Indova. Glad you're here and not apart of you know what, they don't deserve someone like you.
  7. Awesome event to run, thanks for the opportunity Deluxe. Best of luck to all participants.
  8. I had no idea you were an Uber donator, damn nice. #Road2Supreme
  9. CONTENT at it's finest! Woooo. ING: Kiyoshi
  10. Interesting goals at hand. Best of luck with obtaining 100+ combat level and what ever else you desire, it should be fun! Try not to burn yourself out!
  11. It would be a nice little addition to have, plus more perks the better right? I've only asked for a small increase + I'm sure others would want the same. I'm happy to create a poll based around this suggestion if need be
  12. Whilst you're adding touches to the donator benefits/ranks that is, is it possible for us to have a drop-rate increase at Cox/ToB? I was stunned to find out that the boosted drop-rate percentage does not apply to the Chambers Of Xeric, nor ToB minigame. The main reason I donated for Master was to have some sort of drop rate increase when I was ready to raid. It doesn't have to be by much, something along the lines of: Indovian 1% Super 2% Elite 3% Extreme 4% Legendary 5% Master 6% Uber 7% Supreme 8%

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