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  1. travis22

    God Pages

    It would be fantastic if all 5 levels of clues gave random God pages as rewards. Grinding easy/medium clues is extremely boring and not rewarding at all imo. I'm assuming the reason this server has pages gated behind easy/medium is to actually make people do them, but from what I've seen in a little less than a month playtime is that no one does easy clues and very few do medium. I wouldn't know how to work out the rarity of the pages for each level of clue, but I'm sure it's a discussion that wouldn't take long to find an answer. EDIT: Also, Sara and Guthix pages are way too common. =\
  2. Started playing 28 days prior to this thread, figured I'd show my ~1 month progress and continue to update a progress thread. -Ironmanbtw -13x -Time played at 28 days (yikes) -Stats at 28 days -Bank at 28 days (.gif) https://www.dropbox.com/s/3s8cdshmt5pwbml/2019-05-04_20-05-51.mp4?dl=0 -Achievements at 28 days Updated achievements: 163/218 Goals [ Key: Yellow = In Progress | Red = Not Started | Green = Completed ] Stats 93/99 99/99 94/99 99/99 99/99 99/99 93/99 99/99 99/99 99/99 99/99 99/99 99/99 99/99 Items - Dragon Defender 1/1 - (i) Ring Set 3/4 - Dragon Axe - Zenyte Set 3/4 - Mage's Book & Master Wand 1/2 - Rune Pouch 1/1 - Saradomin Godsword 0/1 - Armadyl Set 0/3 - Bandos Set 0/3 - ACB 0/1 - Zamorakian Spear 0/1 - Toxic Staff of the Dead 0/1 - Shields 0/6 - Abyssal Dagger 0/1 - Dragon WarHammer 0/1 - Dragon Pickaxe 0/1 - Dragon Harpoon 0/1 - Blowpipe 1/1 - Trident of the Seas 1/1 - Abyssal Tentacle 1/1 - Boots 2/3 - Fighter Hat 0/1 - Abyssal Bludgeon 1/1 - Heavy Ballista 0/1 - Crystal Bow 0/1 - Crystal Shield 0/1 - Crystal Halberd 0/1 - All Barrows 23/24 need ah staff - CoX & ToB stuff - 0/??? =\ - Lumber Jack Set 4/4 - Rogue Set 5/5 - Angler Set 4/4 - Pyromancer Set 4/4 - Farming Set 4/4 - Mining Set 4/4 - Agility Set 6/6 - Void Armor Set 6/6 - Elite Void Armor Set 2/2 --------- Shoutout to @Justin for hosting massive giveaways to help get my donor status and also letting me steal his progress thread's layout & @xjinx (my duo) for paying for some of my donor! Also join Syndicate CC and Discord for tons of giveaways and events!
  3. i never get any notifications in chat saying how many times ive voted. lol ive voted every day since starting 3 weeks ago and never seen one.
  4. idk if this counts but here's this!
  5. what about methods allowed to kill the mages? god spells only? can u 1 item with melee? i think if they're gated behind god spells only to get kills, then maybe the drop rate should be 1/500 or lower. if u can 1 item with a whip and prayer pots, then maybe 1/800 or something similar.
  6. this is extremely biased as an ironman, but i'd love to see all barrows sets in ANY of the stores lol. if ah and dh can be purchased with BM, i dont see why the other sets cant be bought from voting, pvm, or achievement stores.
  7. Add a 'destroy' option to normal god capes and imbued god capes. to my knowledge, the only way to change your god cape is to drop it and wait for it to despawn. and if there it a way to change it, its not very accessible knowledge. i asked the help cc and other clan ccs and no one knew a workaround.

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