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  1. stitch

    Duo HCIM

    So a few people and myself were talking about this and I believe it's at least worth making a suggestion. I searched for it and couldn't find it suggested anywhere else so I'll leave it here and see what everyone else's thoughts are on it. So as the title says, I and a few others think that Duo-HCIM mode would be a good idea and a fun game mode to play. Basically it would be the same as regular Duo-Ironmen, however if one person dies, then either they both become separate regular ironmen or they become regular duo-ironmen. I think this would be a challenging game mode and a lot of people would find it fun and interesting if its possible to code. Thanks for reading, Stitch. P.S - To those who I talked to about it with, if I missed anything or if anyone else has some nifty ideas for this, share em for the community.
  2. I like the set up for it, with the demand column, but if I were to make a suggestion, I would post a range of prices. For example, trident of the seas; instead of 5m, put it as 4-5m since that's what everyone says in-game. But that's just me. Also, it would be nice to see some other items in there that are commonly traded or asked about in game such as Stamina potions, blood money, etc. Otherwise, as long as someone can keep up with updating, I like this set up a lot. EDIT : Some more of the items I came up with that's traded or asked about commonly. Stamina Potions Gold Leaf - I bought them 1m each Magic Stones - I bought these for 1m each as well Mahagony Planks Dragon Knives Dragon Thrownaxe Teak Planks
  3. 43 Good Luck Everyone. Edit - I hate you Mat >.<
  4. Hey, Wassup? Nice list of suggestions first off, but I have a few thoughts of my own to bring to the table. Suggestion One - I like this idea because I know a couple people who would love to high risk fight without the worry of someone activating item protection. However, I think if you choose to get a different colored skull, you should be stuck with that skull as it is the wild and the choices you make are your own. Suggestion Two - I'm honestly still too fresh to the server to have an honest opinion about the BM shop or anything dealing with it at this time. Suggestion Three - Personally speaking, I think these weapons should stay within the Rev caves, however it wouldn't bother me either way. Suggestion Four - I haven't done Glod so I can't make a comment one way or another for this one. Suggestion Five - I think this would be an interesting idea either with titles that no one can buy or a scoreboard of some sorts. Suggestion Six - I'm a fan of this one probably the most seeing how half, probably more, of the server are skillers or pvmers and the well of goodwill goes to waste during some of the events. I think this one would be a good idea and could potentially bring more players not only into the server, but also into the wild. Support from me overall, nice list. Stitch.
  5. Hey, thanks for the compliment, I looked for a whole ten minutes for the right one ha-ha. I think your idea would also work for the community. I'm a fan of anything that would help players with making prices for accurate. Either option would work and I would support both. Thanks for reading and taking the time to help this idea Justin.
  6. Hey Everyone, First want to say Thank you for clicking and taking the time to read this. Also, if this was suggested before I do apologize, I only went through the first page of all suggestions. (Even the Sub Forums) So with any server, there is always one common question; "PC this" or "how much is this" My suggestion to possible fix, or at least help this would be an interactive price guide using either the grand exchange or a price guide npc somewhere at home. If possible, it could be coded to use the last 10 trades through the grand exchange to adjust the price of a certain item. (example : 10 mystery boxes are sold - 5 for 4m each and the other 5 for 4.5m each, making the grand exchange price 4.25m) I have noticed that the grand exchange "tries" to suggest a price for a certain item, however if its possible to make it use the last 10 or so transactions since some of the prices on the grand exchange now can confuse the newer player base (for example : The grand exchange tells us the price of mahogany planks are 27k each when I've bought them for 17k-20k each on different days) - I believe this could potentially better suit the community. The only problem I can see this having is that player to player trading could influence this suggestion since it wouldn't take those trade values into consideration. Not sure how everyone else will feel about this or if this would be a good addition to the server, but I know its better to suggest something than keep it to yourself so I look forward to seeing everyone's critics and thoughts. Thanks for reading, Stitch.
  7. I Joined this CC first day, first hour even - and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon til they kick me out! Lol, but honestly it is a very helpful and great CC to just talk to. 11/10

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