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  1. I wonder if there's a possibility if one of two, or both of these contents can be added to our server? It would be a bit nice to have since they're Single Combat Areas and it would be a lot useful for those that don't have a Dwarf Multicannon with plenty of ammo. It could also be more useful to those that would just rather deal with Shamans 1 to 1 since IT CAN be a bit chaotic at times when dealing with 2 or 3 at once.
  2. Thank you for your support, Mr. Stoopei!
  3. I'm not exactly saying that we should ignore it. Right now, I think the problem is that there's too much convenience and a few key component features that aren't working properly to create a proper economy. This is aside from saying that there isn't much PK activity to fuel that itself either.
  4. I don't particularly support adding Ranging, Super Restore and Saradomin's to the shop. With how the economy is at the moment, people need something for Supply and Trade. I do, however, support noted versions of a great deal of items in the ::shops. I also don't support adding Sharks as they're probably debated as the best source of food. Honestly, I see a lot of bias in these suggestions and it looks like most of these are inclined to take huge shortcuts just to increase PK activity while damaging general economy --- which is... at the moment, non-existent. Some of them don't particularly make any sense... no offense. For example, "PKer's XP Rate". I'm not exactly sure what that entirely entails but if you don't really want to work hard on any of your stats, couldn't you just do the maximum 150x?
  5. To be honest, I don't exactly know how one would tackle that issue... more due to the fact that I don't what tools I have at my disposal to deal with that dilemma. But to be honest, my main focus here is trying to expand the possibility of some diversity and options in the trade and I think Smithing along with the Blast Furnace has the biggest potential. Right now, Smithing does nothing for anyone even though it contributes to many other skills. Why? Everything is in the store already. There's no point to sell Dart Tips, let alone fletching darts or arrows because the store has it all. Think about the state that it is in now. Besides forging a Dragonfire / Ward / Wyvern Shield and completing it to get yourself ONE MORE step closer to Max Cape, what use does it have? Yes, you can argue that Silver and Gold Ore have market value but ITS NOT CONSISTENT. It has very little presence in the trade because it's only used to those that need to go to 99. Everything else is nullified by the store.
  6. I updated my suggestion with the intention of pushing the Blast Furnace matter further~ Please provide feedback <3
  7. Hello! I was wondering if it would be a good idea to implement the Blast Furnace and Farming Guild? It's a shame that we don't have access to these additional skilling areas when we already have content that leads towards them --- especially Blast Furnace which would be a godsend since we can save a lot of time by smithing bars efficiently with a small money sink o.o UPDATED SUGGESTION - 5/20/2019 With some time and thought, I'd like to press further on the Blast Furnace Suggestion and leave my thoughts on the Farming Guild as is. I understand that there may be more content that is needed such as... maybe fixing Abyssal Sire first off. However, I think an inclusion of the Blast Furnace minigame could be groundbreaking. Here are my thoughts: * I would like to point out that this could possibly improve the economy and at the same time create a money sink method. How? First off, removal of Rune Darts AND / OR Adamant Darts from the store. If the Blast Furnace is added, Adamant and Runite Production Resources along with their counter parts such as Dart Tips become part of the trade market with value. This is ESPECIALLY important for Gold Ore since there will now not only be a money sink, but a semi-automated way to improve Smithing training for all XP Rates and thus... those who can trade will have higher demand for Gold Ore. I would like to ask again for some updated feedback on this and perhaps we can come to a middle ground to push this into the same priority as other things.
  8. Hi, I'm Song! I started about 3 days ago, currently playing as a Normie @ 25x Rate! I recently maxed out my Fishing and planning to hit 99 on Cooking next. That being said, I'll most likely be working on production skills. Feel free to PM me in-game if you need someone to talk to I'm looking forward to meeting all of you, and hopefully raid with as well --- though I could use some help with learning them!
  9. Would it be too much trouble to add the Hosidius Kitchen? I think it would be nice to have since it gives a 5% cooking success rate and would help with the cooking grind for those that play at lower rates. On addition to adding the kitchen, I also think that we should replace the requirement for using the kitchen to something else. In OSRS, it's only usable if you reached 100% favour with Hosidius. Maybe reach a certain amount of Achievement Points? Would like some feedback on this idea!

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