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  1. not the option to de iron but to remove your selected partner i think he means!
  2. I fully support this, not that I want this to happen to anyone but in the what if situations that your partner is no longer able to play ever again to to medical reasons or such or your just not enjoying your partner! duo should be fun not a pain in the ass tbh
  3. I love the idea of more wildy events, id like to see a roaming revenant boss maybe?
  4. What about if it gave a rough wildy level like Your target "zixxen" is between wilderness levels 10-20 It would be a fun way to hunt your targets!
  5. mostly would love bounty hunter for the purpose of not wasting 10 minutes finding one person as it would tell you the approx wildy level your target is in
  6. Not something that can really be abused, just something that is frustrating would not post anything about bugs otherwise
  7. I made a bug report, basically where if a player is running away (pking) your character will not follow the player while you are trying to freeze them and will just stand there like a monkey... unlike osrs the character will follow a character thats running away heres the bug report topic: 3456
  8. zixxen

    Pvp Armour

    Please add haha! I would love some excitement for the wildy chest I don't think it would hurt and think it adds some more excitement during pking.
  9. Hoping to see the gap bug fixed soon! other than that well done! thanks
  10. zixxen

    Pvp Armour

    personally as an avid pker, I would love to see some big pking updates with at least pvp weapons! would be something added to the drop table of revs perhaps to make it a "hotspot"
  11. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Bounty_Hunter is what I want it to end up looking like PKing creates a whole new community and currently, we hardly have a PKing community. By introducing bounty hunter it would provide an incentive for people to get out there by offering increased reward through the increased tiers of emblems. My thought is to give increased amounts of blood money per tier of emblems the higher the tier gets the larger the increase of blood money. This is something I really want to see in the game and I would love to hop in a chat to help make this happen and further clarify if needed, although most of the information is provided in the link about bounty hunter.

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