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  1. Id like to see things like this tbh
  2. I would like to see PVP gear added through the wilderness (maybe not pvp) but perhaps a revenant boss?
  3. Oh yeah I get that but we could adjust the stats to be a bit different, personally its because I LOVE the look of vine/ Poly gear.
  4. What do you think we need then. I dont think it'd hurt but only add shit to do for us....
  5. https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Bolas Here is how they work, I think it'd add a great way to branch into custom yet familiar content. Adding this means we could also add the vine whip and new monsters/ dungeons if there is interest in this I will go more in depth into it.
  6. I really fucking want to see these added to the game, perhaps as a reward to raids 3 OR if wilderness hoard happens! It’s not custom but adds to the game.
  7. Honestly I think it would fit right in with still being custom content but retaining that OSRS feel. Gives players more to do in the wildy than only glod. Really hoping for this to get implemented
  8. Some items and their prices (please object my prices in comments this is just what I see them worth) I didn't check all items in the store but i tried to not put in items that are already in the store I would like to see these added to the store Barrows pieces - 5m a piece except karils and ahrims top/bottom at 10-15m a piece Fury - 10m Occult - 5-10m Zenyte Jewellery - 80m Godswords - 20m ea Bandos Tassets - 75m Bandos Chestplate - 65m Armadyl Chestplate - 80m Armadyl Chainskirt - 65m Armadyl crossbow - 250m Zammy hasta - 100m DHCB - 125m Rapier - 800m Kodai - 250m Imbued heart - 125m Arcane SS - 1.2b Spectral SS - 100m Elysian - 5B Blessed SS - 20m Twisted Bow - 4b Scythe - 4b Sang staff - 800m Justicar helm - 35m Justicar Plate - 250m Justicar legs - 200m Ancestral hat - 50m Ancestral top - 250m Ancestral legs - 200m Heavy ballista - 25m DHL - 200m Abby Dagger - 10m Bludgeon - 15m Kraken tent - 15m DCB - 25m DFS - 75m Avernic defender hilt - 75m Elder maul - 125m Claws - 75m Dinhs - 40m Dex - 50m Arcane prayer scroll - 20m Not only do the items need to be added but I think the shop needs updating to what @C R I M suggested. A rotating shop that has a new set of random items selected from a long list for an increased amount of points, if this idea is wanted I am sure the community could help come up with the list of items that would change every say 24 hours.
  9. Wilderness Hoarde / Wildy raids Hey guys, we have this idea that we think will spark huge community interest in the wilderness! Wilderness Hoard would be a way to blend both aspects of PVM and PVP into one by requiring a big team to take down the hoard of enemies but also will need people to protect the team from people trying to sabotage you! This event would take place every 6 hours at the demonic ruins, a deep wilderness multi area. During the hoard the following NPCs will have a chance to spawn randomly with the possibility for more than one of each npc to spawn. 20 Mini mobs 10 Demi Bosses 5 Wilderness Bosses 1 Glod These are random numbers that would need balancing but you get the point... Mini Mobs - Ankou All types of revs Rogues Skeletons Mammoths Black dragons Green dragons Black demons MA1 mages Ice knights Ice giants Demi bosses - Elder chaos druids Crazy arch Chaos fanatic Scorpia MA2 Bosses Wilderness bosses - Chaos ele Vet'ion Callisto Venenatis KBD Glod Drop tables The drop mechanic system would be special on a tier based system hopefully, killing the higher level NPCs resulting in higher chance at receiving a rarer item Rares: Pet zanik? Pet penance queen? Pet Rev dragon? Vesta's peices Morrigan's peices Statius peices Zuriels peices Rev Emblems Notes: Not only would this bring people to the wilderness during the raid but it would also increase the popularity of wilderness activities outside of the raid such as the need for rev items/ ether so the raid can be done more efficiently. Increased supply demand on things like Brews/ restores/ combat pots Increased drop rate for hoard NPC’s Either have a key based drop system, each NPC having a chance at the Hoard drop table or a chest system like cox or dmz
  10. zixxen

    Wildy boss's

    Perhaps the best solution would be to give a drop rate change like lots of the non wilderness bosses got as well as a slight nerf to the defence of the wildy bosses to start out with

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