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  1. I don't think you saw the posts that have been deleted earlier lol...(referring to the toxcity) I don't really think you get the gist of the post either. Yes Ik there a lot of players from EU and I'm probably the only one from Hawaii, Hawaii is WEST coast and Im suggesting an east coast move so I dont really get the point of you saying that
  2. Well it would be slightly better for the majority, disregarding all the toxic flame from eu players, like I said I'm from the west coast myself but suggesting a middle ground to benefit more players and make it well rounded. WingedDragon is from EU, Amsterdam and ran a ping test and connected to several EAST coast servers that put him at 110-120 WHICH isn't even that bad, I play league all the time with their servers being based in Chicago at around 130 ping with no issues. IT WOULD even be better for Tom as well, as he's stated he gets taxed HEAVILY because of the server being EU
  3. First of all, I know I'm going to get a lot of flack from EU players but try to reason with me here The current server location is currently in london, I'd like to start up a petition to move it to some where in the east coast (I know that the previous server was located here and had a lot of issues do to lag/jitters but that is easily remedied by finding a better and more stable server) I currently reside in Hawaii, so the ping is currently unbearable to deal with. I ran a ping test to London and was averaging about 211+ ping so you could only imagine how that is. That's why I'm proposing to move it back to east coast, that way it would benefit ALOT more of the majority of players. Currently how ping and location works, EU players CURRENTLY have around 10-40 ping right now, a move to east coast would only put them around 80. West Coast players CURRENTLY should be running at around 110-130 ping right now, the server move to east coast would put them at 80 ping, and LASTLY this isn't really about me either, the server move to east coast would only put me around 130-140 ping BUT that still is a huge jump in performance. My current ping: https://gyazo.com/8113dc9babdae5d533181e0f5663599a You can check your current ping here at: https://www.cloudping.info/ FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT THE TLDR VERSION: https://gyazo.com/55415cd55170c97f547c36172a98f97b

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