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  1. That's a sweet pet collection, congratulations
  2. That's dope, congratulations
  3. Would have supported if the playerbase was bigger, but at the moment - no.
  4. Good work, glad that the twisted bow has finally been given a buff boost.
  5. Welcome to Indova!
  6. Hello, @Connor. Add me on Discord and we shall discuss about that over there, and of course for us to have a well needed catch up: VOSSI BOP X#8026 Hello there. Your username is somewhat familiar, perhaps we have crossed paths elsewhere in the past. I go by a different alias everywhere though. It is nice to meet you regardless. Thank-you, @Stoop! I am glad to see that you are still around. I hope that you are well.
  7. Hello everyone, I began utilizing a new web browser called Brave several months ago, and I highly recommend for you all to use it as your new, main web browser as well. I am exhaustively impressed with it thus far. The web browser is a bloat-free version of Google Chrome, with a built-in adblocker, and excellent security. Very happy with its stability and functionality. Check it out here: https://brave.com/

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