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  1. Hope you don't plan on adding custom items with raids 3. Would hate to see such a great server turn into another customscape.
  2. sorry it looks normal to me. I keep my magnitifcation at 25%
  3. Can you please add option to sell duplicate skilling pieces obtained from supply crates back to skilling store for a discount amount maybe like 50-75% of original value of the item. I like this idea and hopefully wouldn't be too hard to implement. Thanks for reading.
  4. I use rune crossbow ruby bolts as my range weapons. trident as my magic. whip as my melee. no other weapons i bring. all fairly easy to buy/make in game. yes obviously better items take longer to get but you can solo with lower tier gear than you think you need. also you could have all these items long before dev would be able to make this.
  5. This doesn't seem very important. I'd rather have them working on actual updates that would bring people who want to play the server here. No support from me. I was able to raid after my first day of playing on ironman. It's really not hard to get void and t60 weapons.
  6. BACON FOR STAFF. gz others
  7. Ampy


    This is what I would like to see.
  8. I seen then on another server and for a long while it was a really cool idea and a lot of people played it but eventually people wanted to be able to trade with everyone so they changed the game mode. However I do support this idea but I would hope that it never be changed to trade with everyone. Just my ideas. If I think of more I will edit post. Could be called Elite Mode 10x or 15x XP Rate would be a good rate Only able to trade/duel other Elite Mode players / Elite Mode G.E
  9. I understand your frustration but I can't support changing something that doesn't effect very much of the player base.
  10. Ampy


    I do not know you but always sad to see a player leave. Hope you have you back eventually! GLHF
  11. Requirements: 77 Runecrafting | 73 Agility | 38 Crafting & Mining (higher is always preferred) Teleport to ;;dz and grab your pickaxe & chisel. Use teleport portal 3 (Skilling) > 8 (Mining) > E (Dense Essence Mine). Mine an inventory of Dense Essence Block. Teleport back to ;;dz bank your Essence. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have all the Dense Essence you need. Now grab inventory of Dense Essence use teleport portal 3 (Skilling) > 9 (Prayer) > 2 (Dark Altar) Use altar to make Dark Essence Block. Teleport to ;;dz bank the Dark Essence and repeat 6, 7, & 8 Now grab inventory of Dark Essence and chisel it into fragments and fill rest of inventory with Dark Essence. Use teleport portal 3 (Skilling) > 8 (Mining) > E (Dense Essence Mine). Use the western agility shortcut and run south west to altar and click it chisel the Dark Essence in your inventory and click it again. Teleport back to ;;dz and repeat steps 9, 10, & 11. For steps 2, 6, and 10 after you have done the teleport sequence once just use last teleport on the portal. It's also recommended to configure the portal to last teleport so all you have to do is left click the portal to go back. You can also ctrl+v to paste ;;dz into chat box or use page up button on keyboard to bring up last line of text used. If you notice any errors or think of anyway to improve this let me know and I'll edit it. Thanks and hope it helps. <3

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