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  1. I like this suggestion but I think more could be done as well.
  2. Ampy


    Your suggestions ruin the integrity of Ultimate. Try a game mode with a bank if you want some storage.
  3. haha core gay but i like him


  4. Ampy

    decant x

    give us option when we decant potions for it to be decanted into (1) (2) (3) or (4). ty.
  5. Revs are dead because Wilderness is dead. Adding Ether to BM store makes sense. Support from me.
  6. That staffs remember last spell cast unless you enter the wilderness. So if you unequipped the staff and then later reequip it it'll cast the last spell you choose with it if you're on the correct spell book. This is one thing I missed about osrs. Support.

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