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  1. Alright, by the looks of that armor it does sound to be much easier than the real game. Ill give it a try! Also i don't know anything about development - so i don't know how long it would take to implement something like this.
  2. I understand it not being the top priority - but i do however see a potential to "lure" in more people doing this. In the actual osrs game - it will take you such a long time going through a solo raid, just to get to olm..... and then get shit on trying to run. Thats the reason why i started searching for rsps with Raids 1 - and this server happens to have that and also with the RuneLite integration. Which is absolutely perfect. I imagine a market for those players who really wants to learn to solo olm. This server was the only i could find with raids 1 and runelite - and on top of that, the server is absolutely fantastic and stays true to alot of the real game. Its just a shame its such a long process to get the gear and supplies you want to use doing olm. The gear im trying to get Im trying get that gear. I just tried Pest Control and got 10 points for doing a run solo in the low boat. Thats gonna take a long time getting the full void set. I couldn't complete the higher tier boats, since the knight died before i could finish all portals. And i will also need a BGS which is 1/3.500 drop from Bandos, a Zamorak Hasta with the spear being 1/128, the ACB being 1/480 and so on.
  3. All i personally want is the oppotunity to practice running Olm. This rsps got everything i need - it got the runelite client to mark tiles, reorder prayer etc. However getting the gear and supplies required to practice olm seems to be a very long process, since there is no shops for the items normally used. So is it somehow possible to make a "Practice Olm" - where you go straight to olm, but dont recieve any drops? Outside you can pick and choose gear and supplies, and just like the PvP items it can only be used within the Olm Practice.

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