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  1. ats

    Public chat

    Hi Tried again with CC on and joined + I added accounts. Still nothing changes.
  2. ats

    Public chat

    Hi Because there was a incident and there is a little too much of accusations and just assuming I'm trying to suggest something that maybe next time will save me or someone else. When your public is off, you cannot see anything what other people are saying. It will not appear in the chat box, neither above the accounts head. My suggestion is that there should be a way that you still can see a moderator/administrator chat.
  3. I'm a guy who started playing this server and for now I'm almost maxed on x25 and played for about 7 days (Game says that). I haven't feeled that this server lacks of content. I've never wanted to play a RSPS and have a feeling I'm playing the real deal. If I want to play the real deal, then I'll start OSRS and go on from there. I've enjoyed it right now, I've been only skilling so I haven't been able to PvM. I'm looking forward for that as I'm not a good PvMer. Just don't reset economy, I think that many old players will leave then.
  4. The downside like others have stated is that people may abuse it and the economy would suffer from that. Right now the ability to buy chaos runes are X, you can just type 100K and it buys that amount. If that would be implemented then that should be removed or atleast some daily purchase limit for chaos runes. I myself see this as a opportunity for new players. When I started, I tried this method but I couldn't sell them. As a newbie, that Amulet of Fury will benefit me a lot and I would gain much from it. I'm +1 for it but it needs to be thinked how do implement it the right way.
  5. Just to clarify things. You use your Elite void top and bottom on the Lesser Fanatic and then it will revert back to normal void. That is what hasn't been made clear yet but now I know and maybe other people want to know that too. Thanks.
  6. Is the achievment point refund already on? It hasn't been written if the fanatic takes my elite robes away...
  7. ats

    Collection log

    Collection log would be a great way to show-off and to let people see that you aren't lier. I do support this!
  8. When I Started, there were some people who helped me out with some gear and told me to join Syndicate. From that day on I've been non-stop Syndicate supporter. I think even when I die, my ghost will still support Syndicate and spit on the non-believers! Thank you for existing and helping! I'm trying to contribute!

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