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  1. Old mate on the left looks stoned as haha, do you skate Khola?
  2. 282, good luck to all that are playing!
  3. Another set of good updates, lots of players were keen to see the new Revenant items implemented so it's going to be cool to see what happens there. That gem update will be good for Ironman too and it will make it worth it to pick up gem drops more often
  4. Sounds like a good idea to keep a stable price with Bonds haha
  5. Congrats @Omw, I’m sure you’ll fit right in! Good luck to all those players looking to apply for SS, we are in need of new supports!
  6. 11 days still un-maxed on 15x goid effort though that was fast haha
  7. This topic can now be closed and shifted to Approved.
  8. Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
  9. Simon

    Gargoyle Bosses

    Wow that wasn't long before there was a guide! Nice work 4p, you're onto it as haha I haven't played OSRS in ages so this boss is new to me, it's going to be fun learning it
  10. Aweesome, I'm enjoying the skilling tasks so far haha it gave me an incentive to do mining finally Cheers for adding the minor QoL updates with the back buttons
  11. That's a decent amount of materials haha bad luck about the skilling gear dupes though. Yeah as Hardcore said, you must have saved up heaps of skilling points for this haha solid effort
  12. Haha sick I wonder what these top achievements are gonna be! Probably a rare from Raids 2 or something, awesome that you maxed @Periphery
  13. I'm going to miss you Gazza! It was cool to have you on the team, you were one helpful snail haha I'm sure I'll catch you in-game soon enough lol
  14. Simon


    Welcome to Indova, Omni! theres a great HCI guide found on the forums which will be beneficial to you good luck on your grind. if you need anything in-game make sure to let me know! see you around
  15. I support this as well, it would be nice to get a little exp boost to Farming plus more outfits and things to buy from the skilling store is always good. the exp bonus from other skilling gear for reference.

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