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  1. heya, lost my login name & password. HELLUP Please. <3
  2. Heya everyone, I'd like to make you all aware about the fact that I changed my name from 'Antsiu' to 'Frysk' See you in-game
  3. Frysk

    Small things

    Like many others above, I'll give you a support to all. Cheers.
  4. Frysk


    Ghehe, nice way of introducing yourself! I like it. Welcome to the server man. Enjoy it
  5. sad only reason I clicked your profile is cus I thought you were a girl.

  6. Ghehe nice guide, but I bank quite fast, probably faster then the video. I'll give it a try tho! Thanks for the guide <3
  7. Heya players, Just some quick words that will hopefully appeals to some people and might even help them or their situation. I'm sure some players will have an opinion about how or why I wrote this. However, I'd like to ask you to read this with an open mind, and see the bigger picture. Let me know how you feel about certain things, and how we would be able better or even fix some situation(s). Complaining. There have been some issues the past couple of week, dc's & disabled content. (all of which has been resolved) With those issues, there was alot of complaining going on.. I would love to remind everyone that the Staff Team is as annoyed as the players are, when it comes to these kind of situations. They have their hands full with people that are complaining. Keep in mind that whenever there is an issue that effects the players, it will effect the staff team and especially the Owner aswell. Sit back, relaxe and play some https://skribbl.io/ with the community whilst the Staff Team is doing their best to fix the issue. Banter. I've seen quite a lot of people react very agressive to banter in the past couple of weeks of playing. I'd like to dedicate some words to that matter. Banter isn't new for many people, but some people tend to agro real quick when it comes to banter. They either shout back or instantly report a player. Here's a tip: Ease up a bit. We're playing to have fun in our spare time. Don't get annoyed by banter, chances are high you're just being trolled.
  8. I've hopped in the clan a couple of times and they have a very friendly community. Quite helpful too, whenever needed. Joke & Banter on the daily, but that's one of the things people like about the clan. The above combined with a friendly owner, equals a great cc. I've been asked multiple times to join the clanchat by @Syndicate and I sure will hop on more often. See you there!
  9. I totaly agree with @Frosty, nice arguments and well substantiated. Tasks are completely random, so there is indeed a possibility to get the same task, even after skipping that exact task. This is how it works on RS07 aswell. Even though the chances are slim, its present.
  10. So glad the server is back to its original state. Great updates & bug fixes.
  11. Sometimes time isn't on my side. People use forums the way they want it. Whether they spam, fool around or read every single post with their full attention. I'm a mix of all of the above.
  12. Yeah, would indeed be nice to see them on Duradel's task list aswell. Support <3
  13. Hey @Simply Rune Sorry, but I won't be supporting this suggestion, as we already have some sort of achievement diaries in-game. _ Aswell as the noted bones from Dagannoths, you can buy this perk for 500 slayer points. -

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