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  1. Hello everyone, Couple of additions + bug fixes for tonight's patch Pollnivneach rooftop course has been added Brimstone chest has been added next to the Crystal chest at home. You can get a Brimstone key from killing slayer tasks assigned by Konar. The task's combat level will determine your chance of getting a key as a drop. The formula is: "The exact odds of receiving the key are 1/100 for level 100 monsters and 1/50 for level 350 monsters, scaling linearly and capping at 350 (-0.2 * lvl + 120). For lower level monsters, it follows a curve (0.2 * (lvl - 100) ^ 2 + 100)." Fixed wilderness bug Dismissing a slayer duo partner will now reset the slayer task for both players Twisted bow accuracy and damage formulas will now use the higher of the two values when determining the target npc's magic: magic level or magic bonus. This means that the Twisted bow should be way more accurate and deal more damage on npcs that have a higher magic bonus than magic level, such as TzKal-Zuk (max hit went from 38 to 57 while wearing nothing but twisted bow and dragon arrows) Fixed the bug where the last three 'blocked task' slayer rewards weren't working (slot 4-6) Chamber of Xeric server events should now broadcast to Discord's #events channel Buffed Vanguards' base hp from 200 to 350, but lowered the rate at which the hp scales depending on raid party size. This is due to complaints of solo raids being tedious with how careful you have to be to not overdamage them Infernal eel's are now automatically cracked one by one (provided you have more than one in your inventory) The item rates for cracking infernal eels has been adjusted to 2/12 for an ONyx bolt tip and 4/12 for 1-5 Lava scale shards The +8 invisible boosts added in the previous patch for FM, Smithing and Cooking while in Donator's skilling area have been removed as they were fairly ineffective. Please note that the boosts for Fishing, Woodcutting and Mining remain however it does not mean you will be able to bypass level requirements, these boosts allow you to gather slightly quicker than normal A bug with the noticeboard at Pest control has been fixed Cerberus's "Grrr!" attack will now have a slight delay before the pools appear A Bartender and a Man will no longer spawn inside your CoX raid (this was due to the cache update done recently where Jagex replaced the small Scavenger npcs) Juan and Paul (HCI and UIM tutors) have been removed. All ironmen will now use Adam as their ironman tutor. Juan was deported. Swapped the spawn locations of the Skillcape seller and the Lesser fanatic (makes a bit more sense for the skillcape seller to be next to Mac aye?) You can now equip Dragon thrown axes The prices of Dragon darts, Dragon bolts and Dragon javelins in the BM store have been reduced to 50 BM each You can now be assigned a Scarabites slayer assignment by Nieve. Added a Sophanem dungeon teleport (you will not need a light source in the area like you would on OSRS) Keris will now be effective on Scarabites Client changes Death plugin reduced to 6 min countdown Re-added xp rate to skill calculator Added additional discord 'playing' events Added achievement task minimap icon to where the Lesser fanatic is Slightly adjusted the positioning of the Veteran, Ex-Staff and Respected member rank icons
  2. Hello everyone, Some bug fixes and QoL for tonight's patch! Upgraded to latest revision cache Fixed a bug where you would discard your Alchemical Hydra lost items if you first clicked on the "Discard-all" button and clicked on/accepted the "Pay fee" button You can no longer attack the Alchemical Hydra without having a Hydra task You can now climb back into the normal Karuulm dungeon (from hydra instance back to normal dungeon) through the rocks even when you no longer have a Hydra task You will now take damage if you stand on top of the vents in Alchemical Hydra's room when they burst Fixed the bug that caused Hydra to walk back and forth on its flame attack during third phase Updated the XP each of the new bones give: Wyrm bones: 30 -> 50 Drake bones: 60 -> 80 Hydra bones: 90 -> 110 The amount of npcs you get per slayer task from Konar has increased from 15-30 to 35-50 The Wyrm, Drake and Hydra slayer task amount has increased from 15-30 to 50-70 Fixed the multipliers for altars in POH when marble burners were not used and when 0 burners were lit. Now it functions like 07: each altar has a base multiplier which is then incremented by +50% per burner that is lit. Only the top three-tier burners will give this bonus (incense burners, mahogany burners, marble burners), the rest are simply for decoration The deposit buttons in deposit boxes now work again Screenshot plugin is now disabled by default Fixed ::drop crashing clients Fixed ::staff not having a scroll bar (same as quest guides if the guide was long enough) Thammaron's sceptre now has a built-in spell (while charged) with a max hit of 30 Dr Ford's timer now resets when a player PKs another player You can now eat chocolate bars The ;;task fee has been adjusted: Non-donors and Indovians gp cost remains the same at 50k and 25k gp respectively Super Indovian cost is now 17.5k gp Extreme Indovian cost is now 10k gp Master Indovian+ can now teleport freely without a fee Additionally, using the Eternal gem or Slayer ring (eternal) to teleport to slayer tasks will now be free Gilded scimitar can now be used as a weapon Fixed the bug where the confirmation dialog you receive from the spikey chain in Canifis' slayer tower could not be clicked on with your mouse The following items are now broadcasted when received as a drop: Boots of brimstone Devout boots Drake's claw Drake's tooth Hydra's claw Hydra's heart Hydra's fang Hydra's eye Hydra leather Brimstone ring Dragon hunter lance Hydra tail Dragon harpoon The following items are now able to be received as recycled mystery box loot: Devout boots Drake's claw Drake's tooth Hydra's claw Hydra leather Brimstone ring Dragon hunter lance Hydra tail Dragon harpoon Much like the Zulrah and Vorkath drop rate nerfs (due to them offering additional drop rolls), the same has been applied with certain items for Alchemical Hydra: Hydra's fang: 2/200 > 2/400 Hydra's heart: 2/200 > 2/400 Hydra's eye: 2/200 > 2/400 Hydra's claw: 2/1000 > 2/2000 Hydra leather: 2/500 > 2/1000 Fixed Drakes dropping Hydra bones Fixed a graphical issue with Blacksmith's helm Added Anti-poison potion (4) to the regular Ironman store NPC stat changes: Commander Zilyana: Max hit reduced from 31 to 27 Bree: Attack level reduced from 162 to 110 General Graardor: Reduced stab/slash/crush/ranged defence (note that ranged will now be as viable as melee at bandos) K'ril Tsutsaroth: Max hit reduced from 47 to 46 (game-changing...). Reduced the chance of poison Tstanon Karlak: Defence level increased to 125. Magic level decreased to 50. Added missing +14 strength bonus Zakl'n Gritch: HP increased to 150 Balfrug Kreeyath: Magic bonus has been removed. Magic defence bonus has been increased to +10 Kree'arra: Max hit increased from 21 to 26. Increased defence level to 260 Flight Kilisa: Max hit reduced to 15 Donators will now gain a +8 invisible level boost while in the Donator's skilling area for the following skills: Smithing, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fishing, Cooking + Mining Bandos' minions will now count towards Goblin slayer assignments First hits in PvP can now be special attacks (used to disable special attacks on first hits) Fixed the bug where the Grand Exchange "Buy" search dialog box would stay on your chatbox even if you X'd out of the interface or walked away Modified the starter dialog to reflect the patches done on XP rate changes
  3. Hello everyone, Tonight's patch consist of the new Alchemical Hydra and Karuulm Slayer Dungeon alongside some other QoL updates Alchemical Hydra and Karuulm Slayer Dungeon have been released! You do not need boots of stone to walk through Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. To fight the Alchemical Hydra you will need a Hydra slayer task, which the new Slayer Master "Konar" can assign. You can teleport to Mount Karuulm via the Slayer teleport options The dragon harpoon, throwaxes and sword drops have been removed from Chambers of Xeric Removed the permanent loss of items on death warning at the Kraken instance as it was misleading some players The Varrock, Watchtower and Camelot modern teleport spells can now be configured using the right click option Using the ;;maxhit command no longer causes you to stop actions The Well of Good Will is now able to start 60 minute +35% CoX point events ;;commands will no longer have a dark background while viewing in fullscreen mode Low/High alchemy spell right-click warning has been fixed Cerberus AOE attack can now no longer be protected against Scythe of Vitur GFX has been re-added and fixed for bigger NPC's The Death location plugin timer has been reduced to 6 minutes to avoid potential confusion Re-added the XP Rate field to the Skill Calculator plugin Infernal pickaxe and Infernal axe will no longer give their benefits when their charges have ran out Fixed the animations used by Third age axe and Third age pickaxe Rock golem should no longer be bugged when placed inside a POH pet house Corrected the Hellcat's right click options and added (simple) dialogue You can no longer start duels while having a follower or summon a pet inside the Duel arena pits Ranger boots are now announced when received as a reward from a Elite and Master clue scroll With the additional XP changes being implemented, we've made the decision to remove the restriction with not being able to pick a rate lower than x10 if you were above x15 You can now cook raw mackerel You're now able to use the "Separate" option on Kbd heads (or a knife directly on it) to receive 3 ensouled dragon heads Players are now able to change their rate up to 3 times for a gp cost (25m/50m/100m) every 24 hours The grace timer feature is now live, this allows new accounts with less than 5 hours playtime to change their xp rate as many times as they want The recycled items which get sent in to Mystery boxes has been redone, we now use two different lists of items instead of one which'll prevent 'junk' items (such as torag's pieces) from being recycled Ironmen will no longer be able to obtain recycled items from the Mystery boxes The Well of Goodwill will no longer be able to launch an event when there is already one active Clicking on Vote Points in the Indova panel will now also say the amount of times you have voted Banner (from clues) animations and bonuses have been corrected
  4. Hello everyone, Just a quick patch to fix some of the bugs that were introduced from the port over to #177 Fixed Lovakite mine being black Fixed ::staff, quest guide and ::drops (the one that simulates drops) disconnecting players The "Deposit-all" for items in bank has been added The enchantment scroll has been re-added to the slayer rewards Fixed the hotkey settings not working The buttons in account management tab now work The new Tool leprechaun storage interface now works properly Fixed the grammar error for "The last tentacle need to be disturbed before the Kraken emerges" Avernic defender now has its proper block animation Moved the Chaos druid in Edgeville dungeon that spawned on top of fungus Fixed a bug that allowed the effects of a runecrafting tiara to linger even after removing it Fixed a bug that caused your player to appear to not run while a graphic was playing on your player (such as the portal phase in Olm)
  5. Hello everyone, Small amount of changes for tonight's patch. This patch is mainly just to fix the drops for Revenants Revenant drops should be back to normal Crystal saw now adds +3 invisible construction levels for POH requirements The undead cow in the Ava's Accumulator quest cutscene should no longer have a glitchy death animation. The Max cape can now be used at the Warrior's guild instead of the Attack skillcape. Fixed a bug with Antivenom not curing poison correctly. The grace timer used for the XP rate changing has been reduced to 5 hours.
  6. @Deluxe and @Erza are responsible for a lot of the last few patches as well!
  7. Hello everyone, Couple of bug fixes and QoL for tonight's patch, we have added the ability to change XP rates more than once (with certain limitations) - however this feature will only be available to staff so they can test it and then we'll make it public if it's working as intended! There is a client update, so be sure to restart your client for it to auto-update or to download the client from the homepage! The Christmas event content has been removed. Hope everyone had a great holiday season! XP Rate changes: XP Cooldown timer has been reduced down to 24 hours instead of 48 hours A grace period has been added for new accounts with a playtime less than 6 hours allowing them to freely change their XP rate, this allows for new players to get a feel of the server and pick a rate they really want before being locked in Players can now change their XP rates 3 times before being locked in permanently. These changes will have a GP cost and will increase with each change made. 1st change = 25M, 2nd change = 50M & 3rd change = 100M These will be staff tested before being made public You can now "Configure" the teleport portal at home to have the left-click option you would like In-game events such as XP multipliers or Raid multipliers are now sent to the #events channel on ::discord. These messages will tag a user group depending on the event (i.e if it's a xp multiplier event it will tag @Skill Event). You can request one of these roles by using the following commands in the #commands channel: ?tob, ?dxp, ?wildy, ?pc, ?skill, ?cox Magic wardrobe in the costume now works Fixed costumes not being retrievable from costume room objects if they were on a "second" page (such as Toy box (2)) Fixed the Toy box (2) not visually showing all the items that can be stored in it. If you previously stored those items that didn't show, don't worry, the items will be there Trident of the seas (full) dropped from Kraken will now actually come with full charges Fixed a bug where Trident of the seas (full) that did not get charged from Kraken drop would have unlimited charges Dissecting sacred eel will now give the following amount in each cooking level: Cooking 72-79: 3 Cooking 80-87: 5 Cooking 88-95: 7 Cooking > 95: 9 Dissecting sacred eel will no longer give a random amount depending on your cooking level and will now be static depending on your cooking level Coins dropped by Revenants can now be picked up by Ring of Wealth Attempt to fix the visual map bug that occurred when going through the teeth-grip in Al-kharid Agility Rooftop Course Fixed the bug where re-logging on the second level of MLM would lead to the ladder not having its proper "climb-down" option Added a hint for donator+ slayer master teleports that you can take near-by teleports instead to try and avoid confusion on whether or not these masters will only assign tasks to donator You can now unlock Double Trouble as a slayer perk Fixed a bug that would make you fletch the maximum amount of bolts per action even when choosing to make 1 x 10 bolt sets, etc Gold and pink elegant shirts should no longer clip through the player's torso. Fixed a bug with antique lamps being used while having PvP mode enabled. Forum additions Awards have been added allowing players to be given special badges showing off a certain accomplishment Each post made on the forums (excluding off topic/spam sections) will reward the player with a Loyalty point, these will then be made available for the player to redeem for items in the Loyalty store These aren't finished yet as we've added them recently with the help of @Erza, so feel free to shoot any suggestions our way with what you'd like to see as an award or reward from the Loyalty points store
  8. Hello everyone, Couple of things for tonight's patch, including what a lot of UIM (so, 2) have been waiting for, costume room. The Costume room in POH now work properly! Some items, mainly rare items, are disabled just in case of any bug being found. They will be enabled once we know the room is good to go As we did not do this for the holidays because of personal issues, we are doing it now: there is a 20% bonus bond points and 20% bonus donator amount for bonds! This will last until January 20 Fixed an oversight where mind shield couldn't be stored in the trollheim stash unit Hardwood grove changes: Entry fee has been decreased to 5K instead of 7.5K Banking/Noting Teak logs will now cost 300gp each instead of 500gp Banking/Noting Mahogany logs will now cost 525gp each instead of 750gp Added ground item spawns for 2 bronze axe and 2 iron axe inside the area You can now use a chisel on regular bones & big bones to fletch bone bolts Logging out inside of the Wilderness resource area will now move you outside once you log back in Enchanting a Dragonstone necklace will now give an uncharged Amulet of Glory to allow for players to not need to uncharge each amulet needed to get an Amulet of eternal glory The Wine stall and Seed stall has been added Removed the Nightmare Zone minigame from showing in the Discord plugin when the player was actually fighting KBD An additional 92 music tracks have been made unlockable Made an attempt to remove the first attack not being able to be a special attack in lower level Wilderness, may need further testing so post any bugs about this in the Report a bug section Skull sceptre can now be made using the four sceptre pieces obtainable from Stronghold of Security Infernal axe/pickaxe/harpoon attack requirements have been corrected to 60 Additional achievements are auto completed for Ironmen which they cannot complete, these include spawning a PvP preset, using Wilderness keys and obtaining certain items from the Wilderness key chest The rate for Dragon claws from the Rare Wilderness key has been increased from 0.01% to 0.05% Blood money store changes: Added: Saradomin's Tear: 50k BM Fighter Hat: 75k BM Amulet of the Damned (Full): 50k BM Occult Necklace: 75k BM Reduced: Dharok's set from 200k BM to 100k BM Ahrim's set from 450k BM to 150k BM Warrior ring from 30k BM to 10k BM Archer/Seers/Berserker Ring from 100k BM to 75k BM Heavy Ballista from 250k BM to 150k BM The "Enable PVP Mode" achievement is now auto-completed for Ironmen accounts Craw's bow, Thammaron's sceptre and Viggora's chainmace will now correctly return any unused ether when uncharging the weapon (not including the initial 1000 used to charge the weapon) Fixed a bug with Toxic blowpipe where you would lose scales/darts on the first BP in your inventory rather than the one you chose to uncharge The Stronghold slayer cave (Nieve's cave) exit now works UIM's are now put on the Regular Ironman mode instead of Normal gamemode when choosing to de-iron
  9. Hello everyone, Lots of QoL/Bug fixes for tonight's patch. This is the first patch that has been fully worked on by @Deluxe as I was away during the holidays! Clue scroll rate changes: Medium: Ranger boots are now 1/1000 chance per roll instead of 1/3500 Hard: Ranger boots and Robin hood hat are now 1/925 chance per roll instead of 1/2500 Elite: Ranger boots are now 1/875 chance per roll instead of 1/2000 Fixed a bug where skilling points weren't being rewarded when crafting Amethyst items Rune essence pouches will no longer degrade while the player has equipped a Runecrafting or Max cape Rune essence pouches uses before degrading have been increased: Medium pouch will now have 500 essence uses instead of 270 Large pouch will now have 400 essence uses instead of 261 Giant pouch will now have 300 essence uses instead of 120 Ultimate Ironmen are now able to de-iron at their Ironman tutor Added a ;;yt [user] command which'll open up a player's YouTube channel (Currently there's only Syndicate, ZachTX and the official Indova YT channels added in this command) A 'Setup' option has been added to Royal seed pods. This will allow for Donators to set the one-click destination to the Donator's Zone instead of home Shop changes: Empty plant pots have been replaced for Filled plant pots in shops. Jugs have been replaced by Empty jug packs in the Ironmen stores. Fixed the player's head clipping through the Samurai kasa. The Samurai set now has the correct bonuses and defence level requirement to wear The Quest tab and Indova panel buttons in the Achievement tab while in viewing as List will now go to the correct tab Added a perk to the Smithing/Max cape where you gain an increased amount of xp while Smelting gold The above effect is how it is on OSRS, however we also have Goldsmith gloves giving an additional 1.15x boost on all smelted bars. The Smithing/Max cape will also have the same boost of 1.15x when smelting other bars The Quest point cape can now teleport you to the Legend's guild gates The Ardougne Cloak 4 will no longer bring up a dialogue when attempting to teleport, it now instead acts as a one click teleport according to the right click teleport option picked The Ardougne monastery and Ardougne farming patch teleports have also been added to Ardougne cloak 1-3, with Ardougne cloaks 2 and 3 having a daily limit of 3/5 Ardougne farming patch teleports Ironmen will no longer be given less coins than regular accounts when pickpocketing coins The animation ids for the Birthday balloons have been corrected You can now 'tip' your Fedora The Snow globe and Reindeer hat features have been added You can now use the Spellbook swap feature via the Max cape You can now teleport inside your own POH and to other POH portals via the Max cape You can now use the Grapple feature in the Max cape to receive a mithril grapple Added an Edgeville POH teleport option to the Construction skillcape. Max cape now weighs the correct amount (-4KG) Skilling points are now increased for Donators instead of receiving the usual 100 skilling points: Indovian: 110 skilling points Super: 120 skilling points Extreme: 135 skilling points Legendary: 150 skilling points Master: 175 skilling points Uber: 200 skilling points Supreme: 250 skilling points The Agility skillcapes now weigh the correct amount when worn (-4KG) A Callisto Wilderness slayer assignment will now be given by Krystilia. Sandworms have been added to the General store Bag full of gems have been re-added to the Skilling point store for 425 skilling points Ice gloves have been added as a drop to Icefiends, Ice warriors and Ice giants (check rates at ;;drops) Blamish snail slime has been added as a drop to Cave crawlers, Rockslugs, Cave bugs and Cave slimes (check rates at ;;drops) Blamish snail slime can now be used on a Harralander pot(unf) to create Blamish Oil Blamish oil can now be used on a Fishing rod to create an Oily fishing rod Infernal eel fishing spots have been added to the inner tzhaar city area (you will need an Oily fishing rod and Ice gloves to fish from these spots) Infernal eels can now be cracked open using a hammer and will reward either 10-20 Tokkul, 1-5 Lava scale shards or an Onyx bolt tip The Runelite XP tracker plugin will now be paused on logout as default Fremennik Sea boot teleports to the Soul and Blood altar have been increased to 15 teleports instead of 10 per 24 hours You can now purchase a Music cape for 1,999,999 coins from the Skillcape seller if you've got 75 music tracks unlocked The music cape can be trimmed if you've unlocked 125 music tracks General store changes: Added Prayer potion(4) and Antipoison(4) Replaced Trout with Monkfish Replaced Attack potion(4), Strength potion(4) and Defence potion(4) with Combat potion(4) Removed Pestle and Mortar (as it's already in the Herblore store) Added ;;shops command. Ironmen will be teleported to their respective ironmen npc's instead of the normal shops area The Runelite XP Tracker plugin will no longer have an "Online tracker" right click option Name-change bonds will no longer be shown in the Items kept on Death interface or be dropped on death Attempting to use the metamorph option on a Golden chinchompa will now bring up a confirmation dialogue
  10. Hello everyone, Couple of additions for tonight's patch: There is a client update required for some visual changes so be sure that your client is up to date New seasonal quest "Pheasant Trouble" has been released! You can begin the quest by speaking with Doris in Edgeville (inside the house near Watson) Similar to Halloween, there's some seasonal diversions. You can get a collection bag by searching the presents north of Edgeville. You can collect treats while having the bag in your inventory and doing activities such as completing slayer tasks, skilling tasks, skilling actions, killing players and killing npcs. After collecting 15, you can use the bag on the table with presents and receive a key, which you can then use to open a present that is locked. The rate for the items or the amount of treats needed to exchange for a key may change depending on feedback so keep an eye out on that Item packs will now remove the first pack in your inventory instead of the one on the slot you used Added Motherload Mine, Donator areas and the Raids lobby areas to show up in the Runelite discord plugin Added Anglerfish fishing spots in Piscarilius and the Donator skilling area Added Karambwans fishing spots in Karamja and the Donator skilling area Teleports for the two above fishing spots have been added to the Teleport panel, "Piscarilius" and "Karamja" Dark crabs and Anglerfish should now appear correctly when using the Runelite fishing plugin Added bank chests near the Mining rocks and Fishing spots of Donator skilling area as more incentive/benefit Additional mining rocks have been added to the Donator skilling area (3x iron, 1x adamant & 1x runite rocks) New accounts will now begin with split pm setting turned on Added a ;;dz and ;;ds command for Donators+ (more convenient than having to type out ;;dzone and ;;dskills) The ;;xplock command will now clearly state that HP will be excluded from the xp lock Cleaned up some of the Slayer assignment "location tips" to reduce the chatbox flooding to make it look a bit more cleaner A few changes mainly aimed for the newer players: New accounts choosing an ironman mode will be briefly teleported to their Ironman npc to inform them that they are able to use their stores for some items and supplies. Caskets will now give 50-150K instead of 5-50K An additional dialogue has been added to inform the player that a lower XP rate will grant better benefits when they are adjusting their XP rate. An additional "Did you know?" message has been added when receiving a Slayer assignment from Turael. Donators will now receive a multiplier bonus at Pest control: Super Indovians will receive a multiplier of x1.5 Legendary Indovians will receive a multiplier of x2 Uber Indovians will receive a multiplier of x2.5 The amount of gems given from a Bag full of gems have been adjusted: Non-Indovians: 50 gems (was previously 40) Indovian: 75 gems (was previously 60) Super Indovian: 100 gems Extreme Indovian: 125 gems Legendary Indovian: 150 gems Master Indovian: 200 gems Uber Indovian: 250 gems The following gem rates have been adjusted when using a Bag full of gems: Uncut sapphire: 49.6% decreased to 40% Uncut emerald: 34.8% decreased to 30% Uncut ruby: 12% increased to 13.5% Uncut diamond: 3.1% increased to 7% Uncut dragonstone: 0.45% increased to 1% Uncut onyx: 0.000001% increased to 0.00001% Receiving an Uncut onyx from a Bag full of gems will now send a broadcast to the server The rate of receiving a Golden nugget in the Motherlode mine has been increased: 2.74% increased to 3.5% of receiving a golden nugget. Super Indovians and Master Indovians will receive a rate of 5% and 7.5% respectively.
  11. Hello everyone, Today's patch was supposed to include the Christmas quest, however, since OSRS won't have their event until the 17th, we won't be able to use the santa npc until they update their cache. I couldn't find a decent replacement for Santa claus (as I did with the grim reaper on the Halloween Quest), so we may just have to end up waiting it out sadly. Anyway, apart from the quest, here are a few patches: Note: there is a new client update available, so be sure to re-launch your client or download it from our homepage Level ups now have the chatbox interface notification (i.e https://i.imgur.com/5DThA1h.png) The client now has a new login background. Huge shoutout to the person who made the plain background (sorry, could not find the dm on discord) and to @Ubba for adding the holiday decorations to it The client now has a new favicon Certain items you retrieve by exchanging Unsired will be broadcasted Unsired will now appear as a drop broadcast Dr Ford will now give a more accurate measurement of time on his cool down (before, it used to say 0 minutes when you had less than 60 seconds left on the cool down) You can now use PvP-mode in the Duel Arena The in-game hall of fame now has an "Overall" page where you can view the mash up of all game modes Abyssal sire's spawns will now disappear once Sire has been killed Abyssal sire's death animation fixed Abyssal sire's spawns during its second phase now turn into Scion's instead of dying Abyssal sire and its spawns can now hit through prayer (prayer reduces 80% of their damage) Fixed a bug that increased the Abyssal Bludgeon special attack damage multiplier by 50% per missing prayer point instead of 5% Fixed a bug where Toxic blowpipe scale charges were being preserved by Ava's accumulator (and its variants') effects Checking your herb sack will no longer show herbs that you do not have (so won't show herbs that have an amount of 0) You can now dismantle uncharged trident of the swamp into a magic fang and trident of the seas You can now uncharge tridents to receive your runes back Fixed an oversight where you could keep using Dragonfire ward's breathe attack without a cooldown Fixed a bug where using the "last-teleport" on sand crabs wouldn't charge you the 100k fee Using Staff of Sanguinesti with the long-range attack style will now grant defence XP Fixed a bug where you could equip an empty blowpipe You can now drink fishing, hunter and agility potions The entrance doors on the west side of Yanille are now functional The 'peek' option on the Daganonoth Kings' ladder has been added Fixed the Energy barrier at Port Phasmatys Third-age bow can now use Amethyst and Dragon arrows Dark bow can now use Amethyst arrows The 60 magic level requirement for Mage's book has been added Superheat spell can now be used on Lovakite ore Arclight now works against the Abyssal sire Runecrafting skilling task changes: Cosmic: Amount changed from 250-1000 to 500-1500 Law: Amount changed from 250-1000 to 500-1500 Nature: Amount changed from 250-1000 to 500-1500 Chaos: Amount changed from 250-1000 to 750-2000 Death: Amount changed from 250-1000 to 750-2000 Astral: Amount changed from 250-1000 to 750-2000 Wrath: Amount changed from 250-1000 to 1000-2500 Blood: Amount changed from 250-1000 to 1000-2500 Soul: Amount changed from 250-1000 to 1000-2500 Kalphite queen now has two drop rolls You can now forge a Dragon kiteshield or Dragon platebody at the Dragonforge anvils (located in the Ancient cavern) Abyssal sire kills should now count towards Abyssal demon slayer assignments Twisted bow should now be more viable on TzKal-Zuk The Infernal hatchet now loses charges correctly instead of being permanently charged The Infernal harpoon can now be made by using a Dragon harpoon on a Smouldering stone Added the mining & smithing xp reward for creating an Infernal pickaxe You can now check charges for the Infernal tools through the equipment tab You can now use the 'Teleport' option on Slayer rings to teleport to your assignment (the coin cost will still apply) The slayer rings can now teleport up to level 30 Wilderness instead of level 20 The staircase in the Lighthouse will no longer place you inside an object which caused you to get stuck while trying to do a clue step Updated some of the NPC examine texts The 'Master' option on the Slayer rings should now also work up to level-30 Wilderness The achievement diary armours will no longer allow you to teleport from level-30 Wilderness Added a Sherlock teleport to the Kandarin headgear Added the Burgh de Rott teleport to Morytania legs The gate and low-fence in Burgh de Rott can now be used Desert amulets 2-4 can now teleport you to Nardah Desert amulet 4 can now teleport you to KQ Cave Karamja gloves 3/4 can now teleport you to Gem Mine Karamja gloves 4 can now teleport you directly to Duradel The stepping stones in Shilo village can now be used
  12. Hello everyone, Tonight's patch is a lot of bug fixes and QoL patches, but also a new boss! Warning: You will need to download the latest client (or relaunch your client to auto download it), otherwise your teleport panel will look weird/may crash your client Abyssal Sire has been released and can be found in the Boss teleport category. It wasn't thoroughly tested so if there's a bug, please do report it. Abyssal Sire can be assigned as a Boss Slayer Assignment and has been added to the PvM Hall of Fame. You will need an Abyssal demon or Abyssal site slayer task to attack it Doubled the amount of teleports we can have in each category, so added the Al-kharid Mining teleport back Rift guardian pet will now have a 100% chance of turning into the type of rune you are currently crafting Dwarf multicannon will no longer be dropped if you leave its visible area, however it will stop firing cannonballs Fixed a bug where you could wield a 2h sword and a shield at the same time Fixed a bug where HCI who died in a certain scenario would not lose their HCI status Smooth dance and Crazy dance emotes are now broadcasted to the server when a player unlocks them Elite clue scrolls are now a max of 7 steps instead of 8 The price of buying Super potions from the Donator store have been increased to 2.5K each Wrath runes are now usable with the Rune pouch Dragon pickaxe (or) special attack (+3 mining boost) now works The crafting cape's right-click teleport option while in inventory now works The skilling point cost for Seed box has been increased to 1.5K "You combined the liquid in to x doses" messages are now filtered Raw monkfish will no longer burn at level 90 cooking Presets on bank booths are now usable in the Donator zone and Donator skilling areas Ancient item set now includes the bracer piece Added effects for Jug of Wine and Dwarven Stout Lowe (in Varrock) now opens the Ranged weaponry shop instead of the Team cape shop Item bonuses have been corrected for the Healer hat, Fighter hat, Ranger hat, Fighter torso and the Penance skirt A ;;support command has been added which opens up the forum's support section The missing multiway combat areas in the Catacombs of Kourend have been added Allotments now have a decreased chance of being diseased Thieving skilling task changes: Man/Woman: Added cut off level of 25 (you will no longer receive this task after this thieving level) Ham: Added cut off level of 35 Al-Kharid Warrior: Added cut off level of 45 Rogue: Added cut off level of 50. Increased amount from 50-100 to 75-150 Master Farmer: Increased task amount from 50-100 to 150-300 Guard: Added cut off level of 70. Increased task amount from 50-100 to 150-300 Desert Bandit: Increased task amount from 50-100 to 200-400 Knight: Increased task amount from 50-100 to 300-500 Paladin: Increased task amount from 50-200 to 300-500 Hero: Increased task amount from 50-200 to 300-500 A ;;ratebenefits command has been added, which takes the player to the XP rate benefits thread New accounts are now given a prompt to check the XP rate benefits thread before confirming their xp rate Cooking skilling task changes: Shrimps/Sardine/Anchovy: Amount given decreased from 50-150 to 25-50 Herring: Amount given decreased from 50-150 to 35-75 Swordfish: Minimum amount given increased from 100 to 125 Monkfish: Minimum amount given increased from 100 to 150 Shark: Minimum amount given increased from 100 to 175 Sea Turtle: Minimum amount given increased from 100 to 200 Anglerfish: Minimum amount given increased from 100 to 200
  13. Hello everyone, Been a while since I've been able to patch the server. This was due to lack of time since Thanksgiving due to unlucky circumstances that lead to me being away longer than planned. However, I am back and we'll be rolling out updates once again! The latest content poll should now be closed and we will be looking at removing votes from multi-account voters and then starting on the most-voted options. Voting now gives a vote book instead of XP multiplier. The vote book is a replacement and can be claimed to activate the XP multiplier effect. The vote book is tradeable and the XP multiplier can be stacked. The duration starts at 10 minutes (non-donator) up to 25 minutes (legendary donator) Claiming votes now has a x/15 chance of starting a server event. The x represents the amount of sites you've voted on (capped at the max amount of toplists) The chance of the skill xp multiplier events landing on a combat skill is now 1/25, so 24/25 of the time it'll roll on a non-combat skill The Trident of the swamps will now take 1 zulrah scale per charge instead of 10 Fixed the Percy's shop not allowing you to purchase items with golden nuggets Fixed an oversight that lead to pay-dirt mining being way too fast. The issue was that with normal mining, you should have a chance of taking an ore every 3 ticks, however there was no 3 tick wait for pay-dirt. This has now been fixed to match that of normal mining Duo Iron Man can no longer open the donator skilling store The hopper in Motherlode Mine will no longer accept pay-dirt once it's full Relogging will no longer reset your pay-dirt sack in Motherlode Mine You can no longer deposit pay-dirt in your bank You can now disassemble Slayer helmets even while not on a Slayer task UIM and HCI can now purchase death runes from the Battle Runes store in the Wilderness Staff of Sanguinesti now has the same attack range as tridents You can no longer claim pets from Probita when they are stored in your POH Ultimate Iron Man can no longer ask their butler to fetch or deposit items to their bank Dragonhunter crossbow passive added for king black dragon & wyverns Fixed the bug where disassembling non-imbued slayer helmets would give double the color ingredient Disassembling imbued slayer helmets will now give you an imbued black mask You can now imbue black masks with an enchantment scroll The bank chest in Lands End now works The magic bonuses given from Seers ring and Seers ring (i) have been increased to +6 and +12 Animations for Iron axe, Cursed goblin bow and Seercull have been added Removed a special character from "Fiendish cooks probably won't dig the dirty dishes" clue scroll text Heavy casket's animations has been added Dwarf multicannon can no longer be placed inside the Duel arena Dragon claws special attack damage has been buffed Blessed Saradomin Sword should now use 65% special attack. Added additional slash/crush defence bonus to the Glowing crystal in CoX Vasa's magic defence has been increased Ranger gloves stats have been corrected The secondary herb drops (crushed nests & jangerberries) from Pirates have been moved to Experiments Twisted bow should now be viable on the Abyssal portal and Vasa in CoX Reduced Crazy archaeologist's magic defence Added the +1 prayer bonus to Guthix, Saradomin and Zamorak blessed d'hide set pieces
  14. Hello everyone, For those unaware, this is a quick update on what's going on with Indova So this is the thread that will be used to vote what we're going to add and in what order. I will go into detail for each choice down below. If you have any suggestion on content you'd like to see, please add it below and we will poll it next time (or if it seems to be wanted, we'll ask around discord and see the opinions on its priority) Clan chat rework Some of you may know the Clan chat system from Runique and if you don't, the main idea is to have clan levels and rankings which you can climb by doing clan tasks and activities (will need X amount of clan members to do these activities), some more ranks to diversify the roles of clan members and an attempt to make a calendar where clans can schedule clan events Construction Expansion This will include the costume room, a custom feature where you can re-direct portals to boss instances (some not available elsewhere, such as GWD) that others can use to go into the same instance as you are in and some bug fixes (such as the pet house) PvP Features This one is a bit more broad. We will try to add features to incentivize PvP, such as PvP armor rewards (with either charges before it degrades or not being usable in PvM), a bounty hunter system and maybe PvP bots Wintertodt Self-explanatory Custom Content We will try to add some unique content that will reward players who grind out Indova. This includes things like 200m capes and we were also thinking about adding certain pet perks. The perks may have a requirement of <= X xp rate and/or achievement perk requirements. Each pet could have a unique perk or we can make the category of the pet (skilling, boss, clue scroll) have specific effects. For example each boss pet could have a built-in "KC" when you kill its respective boss while having the pet out. After X amount of KC, you will receive a small boost for a rare or something of the sort and the KC resets. We could also do something where each pet has a specific perk relevant to what it is. Such as having Olmlet pet boost your total points at the end of the raid by +2% or +5% if you transform it into a variant of a boss you've killed that raid I did not include the Voting Rework as it is something we will try to get done by the end of this month so we can try it out on a new month (since toplists usually have vote resets then)

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