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  1. I'd rather have farming guild worked on than another patch in the dz... Infinite amythest wall maybe Locked in position ardy knight Some way to train construction easier would be cool A brazier you can just put logs in similar to using bones on an altar
  2. jevrock

    Farming guild

    i have lost multiple watermelons to disease
  3. Not sure it just seems like it's usually either a BM event or a raid event every time I see it when were on
  4. alright just figured id bring it up since I've yet to see most players do a raids or a bm event thou i've seen people drop what they are doing for a skilling event
  5. it would be appreciated if we could get the rates of bloodmoney events dropped way down as well as raid events as they seem to be the regular rolls and very few people have the stuff to do them or interest in doing them
  6. Would we be able to get a teleport to inside farming guild? Even without any NPCs or the the bank/seed vault there is many good plots and some rarer plots (even without hespori)

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