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  1. Knee Socks

    TOB Droprate

    Making a lot of sense here Jackey, maybe it's time you put the Rum back in the drawers? I've suggested increasing the droprate before. Everyone was negative about it and said that there is a reason why TOB items should be so rare. I also stated that majority of the rewards are trash anyways and therefore they shouldn't be as rare. Noone seemed to agree. Actually, noone agreed on any TOB drop changes whatsoever. DUDE IF THERE WILL BE TOO MANY JUSTICAR SETS IN GAME IT WILL LOSE IT'S VALUE AND THE ECO WILL BE BROKE GG INDOVA. I guess people would raid more if we could actually see people pulling items from the chests.I've remembered Exortics luck and thought okay, maybe the drop rate is fine. Then I've remembered Peris luck. Pac did the calculations, so it was 33 hours of raids without a single drop. NTY
  2. 1.Sure 2. Reason to vote would be changing the shop or adding other perks. Ranger boots is another problem, especially for ironmen. None have them in game, it's been what, 6 months+ since the release? 3.After the playerbase rises - sure. I wouldn't like seeing the community split even more at the moment. 4.True, sure. 5.Inferno is a minigame, should be added to minigame achievements. Sure, why not. 6.Reason some of the players don't vote because the xp doesn't matter to us anymore, since we're maxed/not skillers in general. I personally don't care about the partyhats and fashionscape items in the shop, so there is just not point for me, except that it may attract more players if we're higher in the toplists. Updates can make the server 'big', another thing is advertisement. None of other private servers, as far as I know, have runelite plugins.
  3. Record with camtasia, use either sony vegas or adobe after effects for editing. Have a little experience with effects, pm me if you have any questions. Also, there is a plethora How to videos on youtube, it requires time to find what you're looking for, understand and implement it yourself.
  4. So maybe change TOB drop rates aswell? It's dead content after xerics.
  5. I'm flattered, but I haven't been active lately. I give my vote to slicey.
  6. Hey guys. Past few weeks more and more people started doing theatre of blood, which is really simpatico to see. This is the hardest challenge that we currently have in game, which requires quite high stats, and the METAS require to have more expensive weapons (like blowpipe, whip, trident). However, it also offers players that are able to complete this challange to receive a rare reward. Now, after seeing the "Stats with Flux" topic, we can clearly see that there is no common, or rare item, when being rolled. In my opinion, thats fine. I don't mind seeing the same ammount of scythes as avernic defender hilts. What is kinda depressing, though, is that the chances of rolling any of items is pretty low. Currently, it is 1/100 to receive a rare item. I've tried discussing this with a few of my "TOB" buddies, and most of them agreed that lack of drops somewhat demotivates the monotonical content. Lets keep in mind, that not only requirements are high, but the duration of raid I'd say is approximate to 17 minutes. Before people will start saying that "It's supposed to be that way, or else it wouldn't be worth the grind". I can assure, that most of the items aren't worth the grind. I've done most of the PvM content on here, and I don't see any other uses for Justiciar rather than fashion scape. Staff - same stats and DPS as toxic trident, and also requires many blood runes. (Heard complaints about that from few of the owners of the staff) Rapier - Nothing overpowered about this weapon, since tentacle whip has unlimited charges. Yes, it is faster, BIS Stab weapon. Doesn't change a fact that it is not OP. Scythe - Requires tons of blood runes. Therefore, very powerfull weapon, which should be the rarest, IMO. Avernic hilt - when attached, becomes untradeable. Yes, BiS offensive-melee shield. Also, the most common in OSRS. There could be two ways of highering the drop rates. One would be increased the same roll from 1/100 to, lets say, 1/80. But it would be the same chances to roll all items afterwards (1/7) Or there could be drop rates reworked, so maybe the points, deaths, mvps would matter Or it could be that the better the item, the rarer it is. Meaning, scythe is the rarest, justicar helm could be the most common. Me, Wmf and Midnight all together have 250~ raids done. Me and WMF have gotten one item each, I think midnight is still dry. Convert those in to the hours spent, and you'll get why we want the changes. @Wmf @Vengeance @Golden Power @Exortic @didelis @Midnight @wulf @Periphery @also gutta @Itzmiq
  7. Interesting as always, flux. Mind sharing how many avernic defender hilts are in game? Cheers
  8. Scythe, hilt and rapier are great new additions to the game. The set is lame, IMO. Half of the community doesn't do TOB because not only it is harder than raids 1, it requires better gear and better stats. Raids 1 you can solo, duo, trio, meaning you won't be needing to spam yell to search for a group, partner. You can have lower stats. The mechanics are more simple, people are more familiar with them. The rewards as you've mentioned for some might be more juicy. As a maxed player, I don't see the rush for construction. House portals are worthless since you can press "Teleport" or double tap enter to teleport nearly to any location. This isn't runescape, you shouldn't be in such a need for clue storage. I bet everyone has many bank slots available for those items. Ornate pool - basically the doctor, with a slight nerf, which makes people that have good spec weapons and BIS gear less overpowered (specing out with DWH/BGS/ARC corp and so on).Pet storage is basically fashionscape of another kind, don't actually care. The only thing I can see that would be most usefull is guilded altar. If the playerbase would rise a few times, people would be doing both raids and TOB.Unless somehow everyone plays on x1. Most of your arguments are "A joke". I don't even want to explain to you how stupid ^^ sound. Unless you're trolling, ofc. Then I apologize.
  9. Whiteberry drops were hard to get from them. But since all secondaries got buffed, it is fine now.
  10. Ironmen shouldn't be able to purchase mystery boxes aswell, IMO
  11. Peak of the empire, top of the rock
  12. Salute to you, Mr Malou. Welcome, and goodluck!

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