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  1. ig name is Sam Crow I would like all of my donations related to my 2 accounts transferred to my new account on your new server Oldschool Rsps. my in game name on there is Sage
  2. Okay so I have noticed that when UIM's drop items they only stay for 5 mintues on the ground where as in osrs you get an hr. Part of a UIM and probly the only way to keep items safe upon death is to drop it in a place for 1hr. This is the only way to keep items safe upon death unlike at zulrah or vorkath u loose those items if you die. I lost all of mine doing a slayer task cause i could not use this method. so i suggest uim's get the 1hr drop timer just like on osrs. Its part of how its played so why hasnt it be implamented sooner? IK theres only a Few of us UIM's but it gets annoying being cleaned and having to get everything again. This is the Second time ive had to do this
  3. sam crow


    I don't know if this is a thing or not. But I'd suggest being able to store tiaras in the jewelry storage box in pohs. That way an UIM does have to grind for a talisman Every time he wants to train rc
  4. Yet I can see a use for blast furn as an ironman. And ur reply is oh it a about the grind. Well that's true but when the grind on osrs becomes ez with time were as on here suck having to mine a shit ton of coal with for me is 15 invent spots. Or maybe u don't need to add the blast furn as a mini game. Maybe a new pair of gloves that are enchanted with charges for it ? That cost skilling points. To reduce the coal amount in half per bar. Say like 3-4 invents worth per gloves or ring
  5. Mine have as well died onions potatoes l,herbs
  6. sam crow

    Pack yak pet

    I know this seems pointless but if your an UIM with limited storage out wildy fishing it would be nice to have a pack yak pet to hall karabwan or dark crabs back from 37 wildy. Otherwise it would cost me an arm and leg to die at zulrah. To get an empty invent and to grind out another looting bag go just stop when I'm done with. Thinking maybe like a callfer system per trip or maybe a skill drop from ensouled heads?
  7. @wingdragonyeah and I will update the post with images and if I figure anymore out that could help new uim
  8. I see that we have a tool on the client to look up stats idk if it's in the works to fix. But it would be kind of cool to have.
  9. Also the flower patches in general don't work. And they can be very helpful especially once u reach 58 farming. So you don't need cure pots. As long as that flower is in ur farm areas.
  10. Hello Indova I recently Started my Uim journey. And notice people hesitate, and or are intimatated by this game mode. So if your interested here are a few tips I've learned though out my journey so far. -Inventory Set up how you set you invent up helps a lot with a UIM. To start things off make sure that you keep it tidy and bank note things. You don't need to pick everything up. Some useful things I've gotten in mine now is: seed box, looting bag , noted food, tools for a skill I'm working on, my cash stack. Things I will add is a rune pouch, and house Tele tabs. -Grab a skilling task right off the bat for fishing. Every UIM needs a food source when you first start your gonna want around 40 fishing and 40 cooking. Tell you get around base 40 combat states. -Start working on agility. This one is semi important with Marks for pieces of graceful. -suggested that you pick up all gems, and ores from npcs like crawling hands. This has helped me jump start my crafting and flething skill. You can sell the bolt tips or cut stones to a shop. To help tour cash stack. -Suicide another storage method you can use. For example zulrah is a safe death you can store a full inventory at zulrah. At this time untradeable break and it will cost you what the items are worth to get back. You can theive the stalls at home to get the gp. -Domination Zone is where you can store your money every time u die at zulrah it's 250k to get stuff back. I'd suggest having 1m in there at all times just in case. -Get Overheads prayer my suggestion is to get a bone crossbow. Which can be obtained from skeletons at edgeville dungeon. They are a 1/36 drop rate as well as bone bolts that can be used with the snow. Both iron and bone bolts can be used. You need 28 range to equip the bone bolts. After I would suggest going to rock crabs. Get 40 range. Make your way to the east dragons. Make sure you have monkfish as food. And bring your best melee/range tank gear. and kill dragons. Not only will you get the dragon bones to use on the wildy alter, but you can upgrade your range gear to green divide. -Also I mentioned Crawling hands you can get this as a Slayer Task. Also work on some slayer in Between your grinds. Don't spend to long grinding one skill. You will get bored. Than have to grind even more. I've learned the best thing is to be well rounded not have one max skill. -Thieving get to at least 38 thieving so you can out to use the seed box I told you about. Starting farm runs is important to any Ironman. The little green leapacon can hold your tools. -Farming it is important to do your herb runs as a uim your best friend is prayer pots and super restores to start. As well as ranging pots down the line. But you can also receive those from hard clues. -POH start doing this after you have over 500k cash stack. You can cut planks from wood you have chopped and start grinding Constructon. I would suggest building chairs and bookcases until you have ladder unlocked in kitchen. Than when you have dinning room build tables. As a UIM the Higher your construction the more storage you will have. Including a armor repair stand for your later game with narrows armor. currently come teirs in the house do not work so I would shoot for 80+ construction off the bat. types of planks there are a few ways to get the types of planks for the hard wood. If you are a donor u can cut them for 5k for the best and pay to note them. Or teaks also you can use this area as a reg player you just can't have them noted. If you need teaks as a donor cut them a donor skilling zone. Or for higher slayer monsters like cave horrors drop noted logs like 3 or 4 at a time. -Magic You can buy runes at edgeville wildy. And afk train at rock or sand crabs. I'd suggest afk training to around 55. If already have 55 slayer great you can get your slayer staff. With the slayer dart spell. For robes you can buy them in the gnome stronghold. Than from what I've seen. I'd suggest crafting xerician robes. Which can be fou d at the lizard shaman Tele. *Warning they are agro bring a good source of food* -Easy Clues Do them asap this will give you a jump start to start your God books. well these are a few things I've done and learned around the way. I have about 20h on my Uim. Hope this has helped Photo's coming soon
  11. there is a mold i noticed that was missing from the store and there is no spawn for it in the game. nor is the npc's that sell it normally is in the game. the bolt mold for using with silver bars

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