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  1. Mackmut

    Potion Shop

    From what I can see, brews/super combats/etc. don't really trade much in the market because most players just make some themselves and use so I don't think having those pots in a store would necessarily have a positive affect on PVM activity.
  2. Base nugget rate here (3.5%) is currently higher than the OSRS rate (2.74%) and also increases with Super (5%) and Master donation (7.5%) tiers. IMO they're already pretty quick to get with the base rate.
  3. Thanks, JosesMesus. Trading shards for a totem sounds like a good idea. Maybe 10-15 per totem? BTW - I think there are plans for Arclight to degrade in the future.
  4. Mackmut

    God Pages

    Plenty of people do Easy and, in particular, Medium clues for Ranger Boots. We've changed Sara and Guthix to the Common table because players have asked for pages to be more common.
  5. What is that disgusting signature and where do I get one

  6. Thanks for the suggestions. My comments below on a couple: - When a player receives a item drop via yell have it display what Kill-Count x player received the item on Not sure players would necessarily want this broadcasted to the server - When a player receives a pet drop via yell have it display what XP count x player received the pet on Not sure players would necessarily want this broadcasted to the server - Allow an option to join previous POH you visited, rather than having to type x players name every time Agreed - Implement a "Search" feature for quick navigation to the Teleport Panel Agreed - For the sole purpose of making Edgeville more populated, remove any other Teleport options so therefore users are forced to use Edgeville's teleport panel Not sure why we need to have Edgeville more populated. Also, no reason to remove teleport panels from ::dzone - New donation perk V2: Extreme+ Donators should have the perk of "Free Slayer Task skips" or if not free, then reduced pricing. Lately I've seen alot of players complain about how much GP they have spent in order to obtain a slayer task they require. I know 100k isn't much to some, but over time it all adds up. I as an Ironman have spent roughly 20-30m in the past 2 days skipping tasks until I received the task that I desired, as an Ironman it can be quite tedious/difficult obtaining GP. Please take this into high consideration. This is part of the slayer grind - Donator rank icons need updating. They seem to be a faded colored version of the proper icons, I'm not too sure if this was done on purpose, but if not, please update them to the correct colors. Refer down below for examples: - Current color - New color - Current color - New color The new colors you're recommending look more faded to me - Currently the POH altars burn out within one inventory of bones being used, which can be quite tedious. I'm not too sure if this is how it is on OsRs, but it we could get a time increase on the altars staying lit, that would be awesome You can get two inventory's worth of bones right now I believe
  7. @slicey can u top this
  8. Ty bb (peak the signature below )

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