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  1. mut

    trading post

    As C R I M mentioned, the best place to buy/sell items is in the #market channel of the Indova Discord server. You can find the server on the Forums page or by doing ::discord in-game.
  2. mut

    PVM Points

    This list looks good. The only change I'd make is to move Magic Fang and Hydra Leather from Ultra Rare (1/1000) to Very Rare.
  3. mut

    UIM Death Cost

    15 minute grind to get your items doesn't sound like a problem at all.
  4. mut

    Potion Shop

    From what I can see, brews/super combats/etc. don't really trade much in the market because most players just make some themselves and use so I don't think having those pots in a store would necessarily have a positive affect on PVM activity.
  5. Base nugget rate here (3.5%) is currently higher than the OSRS rate (2.74%) and also increases with Super (5%) and Master donation (7.5%) tiers. IMO they're already pretty quick to get with the base rate.

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