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  1. trading post is alot better for servers. if you have a look at some with it, especially (alora) its very well done on there, but this server is so much better than alora i feel removing the ge and adding the trading post would be a great idea, but then again its upto you guys, and the pvp thing would be good to do while there is no people pking, as rewards would give people incentive to play it. say blood money rewards or something
  2. maybe look into adding the 'trading post' version of the 'ge' thing, as you can see what people have in their shop/what is for sale and what has recently been listed also maybe add a #suggestions in discord make strawpolls of what content you think is good for us to decide, also while there is a low playerbase maybe look to adding void to one of the shops, as its kinda hard to get games/help to get it( for people that have it are lucky) while pking u can eat right before you are about to throw a hit, and it will still go off while eating (very op/glitched) maybe add a pvp minigame that people have to join every few hours, it needs 5 ppl to start and u get rewards for winning, alot of other servers have these, adds something fun to do while no one pk's in the wilderness,

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