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  1. grampy b

    League of Legends

    Any of y'all here playing LoL?? I have personally been playing this game since Season 4 years ago, and never started taking it serious until this year as i'm looking to actually climb through to high ranks among the toxic community. Currently have created a smurf for solo flex and 20 games in I am sitting at Silver 1 with my mmr being high enough that I am playing in high platinum / low diamond games, and wow I thought elo hell was silver/gold but these plat/diamond players are even worse for throwing games. If you are a LoL player; What champion do you play most? What is your current rank in Solo/Duo? Flex? If you are high rank, did you one trick a champion or play multiple to get where you are? When did you first start playing? What is your opinion on the state of the game going into Season 10?
  2. Always nice to see what loot someone gets from a certain amount of keys/kills vs just staring at the loot table. looks like hitting the brimstone chest is a good place to gather supplies for 99's !
  3. I agree 100% with trading post, and void idea. Trading post has always seemed to work very good for everyone on servers, I myself enjoyed it a lot before I got into playing Ironmen. And the void idea would be great as well, where as it can be difficult to get enough players together for void minigame for sure. But I would say to make it available in the vote shop section, and even the donator shop for the elite set. I know I have donated to a server before just to get my elite void instead of attempting to either grind it out myself, or getting enough players together for it. So I am sure there is others who would do the same!

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