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  1. Wepwawet

    Stupit update

    Charging tentacles is too much, ppl alreaady overpay for whips, with such rate they will be too rare
  2. IMO it's late to be changed lul, i think could fix it by adding your rate to nickname when right clicking. Anyways never liked many rates possibilities. :>) EDIT. I guess limiting is good idea but doubt Tom would like it XD.
  3. Pouchers are tick waste so is xp. Ranarrs should stay same since they are notted. OpenGL or OsrsHD ?? are you high? most rsps's which implemented that made it even more laggy ironically.
  4. "freak of nature" is that compliment? lol ty
  5. No proper way to make planks, dissapointed.
  6. Getting 120 / 200m on x1 would take months, nty
  7. Would be nice to see
  8. 2FA is definately makes account x10 times more secure even if someone gets your password :>)
  9. Good luck, nice to see ppl maxing x1 :>)
  10. Slayer task streaks are now based on the master you get the task from, if you switch masters after having a streak of five or above, it will be reset Why not make it like on osrs??

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