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  1. If there was a date to give, we would have given one already.
  2. Our attention was recently more towards the recent rework of the plugin system in attempts to fix annoying issues players would complain about hence us not really making progress on Raids 3. Since that didn't work out, Tom's been spending his time lately trying to debug it on the live server since it's not something we've been able to reproduce locally to pinpoint an exact cause for it and apply a fix for it. We're in contact with someone who makes custom maps (he's made our custom home area which will be releasing in the future) but there's still a lot of planning to do in terms of the theme and how we want it to work. I can say that we've not started Raids 3 content yet otherwise we would have made an official announcement post and teased some media. Right now we're just in the "planning" stage. Once we've actually made more progress with that we will release more information. Zalcano and other new content on OSRS is something we're not able to bring just yet since it involves upgrading our client. We could easily upgrade the osrs client but the issue is that we'd need to have our RuneLite client upgraded too and the person we pay to have our client upgraded had issues doing that so we haven't been able to upgrade either. Tom's given it a go too but he was getting some issues with the chatbox. I'm not prepared to say specifically what but Tom's mentioned in the discord that we're more focused on something that'll help us gain players again. Most of our advertisements haven't had much effect since people have already heard of and tried Indova (which is the reason for why we don't run many advertisements anymore since it's a waste of funds atm) so we're looking to do something that will actually drive them back to try out Indova again. If you've got any more questions, hmu on discord
  3. Hey guys, Not many changes in tonight's patch notes as most of our time was spent on rewriting the server's plugin system to address certain issues with content where it would either not start or not end (such as CoX rooms). We've tested it as much as we could and feel that it's time to bring the rewritten system on to the live server. Be sure to test out issues you'd previously experience as this'll be the only way for us to know for sure that the rewrite has served its purpose! If any issues do occur, they will be logged by the server for us to fix. Kind regards, The Indova Administration team
  4. We're currently testing a rewrite of part of the core which will address this issue so fingers crossed it works out. We'll update the live server once we're confident enough that the issue no longer exists.
  5. It's the custom tasks that we have which aren't in the osrs cache. Isn't something we can easily change currently.
  6. Hey all, Tonights update consists of the following changes: You can now use the ropes located in the Catacombs of Kourend. After using the ropes, you will unlock the shortcuts on the surface allowing you to re-enter the Catacombs from the holes. Adjusted the WoGW events once again. Decreased the chance of CoX and ToB events to 10% instead of 15%. Added a 2x BM Multiplier event for 10%. Increased the duration of the Chambers of Xeric point multiplier event from the WoGW from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Fixed a bug with some trap doors leading you to the Edgeville dungeon when they weren't supposed to. Lowered the instance buyback fee to 250K (previously 1M). Grotesque Guardians instanced death buybacks remains at 50K. Fixed a bug with Rogue pieces being obtainable from pickpocketing while the player already had the full set in possession. Removed Spitbark legs being needed for the Hero's Guild STASH unit (we removed this being needed from the clue itself, but overlooked the requirement for the STASH). The Wallsafes in Rogue's den can now be used. They require a level of 50 thieving to crack and gives 70 thieving xp. A higher thieving level will better your chances of obtaining loot while a higher agility level will decrease the amount of damage you receive when failing to crack the safe. Added missing special attack for Seercull. Fixed the Abyssal dagger's special attack issue where it would always have the same damage for both hits. You can now use Name-change bonds and XP Rate change bonds on other players, as you could with regular bonds. Added Dragon boots ornament kit to the ;;store for 950 credits. Added Dragon boots orn kit functionality. You can now upgrade your regular void top and robe bottoms at Pest control for 1,000 Commendation points each. Along with this, the Lesser fanatic is no longer offering achievement point refunds for those who purchased the elite pieces from his store. Fixed a bug where you wouldn't gain skilling points for crafting battlestaves. Added missing bones replenishing prayer points while having a dragontooth necklace or bonecrusher necklace equipped. Ironmen can now purchase and open PvM mystery boxes from the PvM point shop. They will however have different rewards. https://pastebin.com/8DzSUkWd
  7. Also requires a revision/client upgrade. We’ve got someone working on that currently.
  8. Added this and the other rope/hole functions for next patch. You initially won’t see the hole on the surface as you’d need to use the rope first to unlock the shortcut.
  9. It wasn’t. We need to upgrade the revision before we work on this and to do that we’d need to upgrade our runelite client alongside it which we pay for someone else to do.
  10. If you see a Flier in the Pvm store instead of a Pvm mystery box, you need to update your client (delete your clients and redownload from the main website)
  11. Hey guys, Make sure your clients are updated to see the latest changes. Tonights patch contains the following updates: Lil' Zik will now be announced ingame and on the Discord. You can now only obtain 1 Lil' Zik. Increased the stock amount for Dragon darts, bolts, javelins and arrows in the BM store to fix the issue where you could only buy a max of 250 using Buy X. Updated the Well of Goodwill random login message in accordance with the changes done on the last update. Edited some Slayer assignment tips which mentioned certain item/equipment requirements being needed when they actually aren't required. With an upcoming update allowing players to purchase Elite void top and robe from Pest Control, we have added the ability for players who have already spent achievement points on Elite void to claim a refund. We felt this was something that should be added for a short time as Achievement points are limited. To claim your refund, you can use the Elite void top or robe bottom on the Lesser Fanatic NPC in Edgeville bank and pick the Refund option. Do note that this is only a one time refund for each piece to prevent abuse and is only offered for a limited time before being removed. Corporeal beast: Holy elixir drop rate changed from 1/171 to 1/150. Spectral sigil drop rate changed from 1/1300 to 1/1050. Arcane sigil drop rate changed from 1/1300 to 1/1125. Elysian sigil drop rate changed from 1/4000 to 1/3250. Cerberus: Primordial crystal drop rate changed from 1/450 to 1/360. Pegasian crystal drop rate changed from 1/450 to 1/370. Eternal crystal drop rate changed from 1/450 to 1/365. Smouldering stone drop rate changed from 1/450 to 1/350. Dagannoth supreme: Seercull drop rate changed from 1/128 to 1/90. Archers ring drop rate changed from 1/128 to 1/100. Dagannoth prime: Mud battlestaff drop rate changed from 1/128 to 1/90. Seers ring drop rate changed from 1/128 to 1/100. Dagannoth rex: Berserker ring drop rate changed from 1/128 to 1/100. Warrior ring drop rate changed from 1/128 to 1/90. Demonic gorillas: Zenyte shard drop rate changed from 1/300 to 1/275. Ballista limbs drop rate changed from 1/500 to 1/400. Ballista spring drop rate changed from 1/500 to 1/400. Light frame drop rate changed from 1/750 to 1/650. Heavy frame drop rate changed from 1/1500 to 1/1250. Monkey tail drop rate changed from 1/1500 to 1/1200. Abyssal demon: Abyssal whip drop rate changed from 1/400 to 1/375. Abyssal dagger drop rate changed from 1/32768 to 1/10000. Abyssal head drop rate changed from 1/6000 to 1/4250. Vorkath: Added Dragon metal shard at 2/300. Added Dragon metal slice at 2/300. Added Dragon metal lump at 2/300. Added Dragon limbs at 2/500. Added Wyvern visage at 2/4000. Draconic visage drop rate changed from 2/7500 to 2/4000. Skeletal visage drop rate changed from 2/9000 to 2/4000. Dragonbone necklace drop rate changed from 2/1800 to 2/1300. Brine rat: Brine sabre drop rate changed from 1/512 to 1/50. Abyssal sire: Now gives 2 drop rolls per kill instead of 1. Grotesque guardians: Removed the bolt tip drops. Skotizo: Uncut onyx drop rate changed from 1/850 to 1/150. Added Dust battlestaff at 1/15. Added Mist battlestaff at 1/15. Added Imbued heart at 1/70. Added Eternal gem at 1/50. Chambers of Xerics: The amount of points received based on damage has been increased by +2 across the board. Fixed a bug with the Chaos temple Elder chaos druid not allowing you to unnote Wyvern bones. Using a chisel on a Tanzanite fang will now give an Empty blowpipe, previously it would give a used blowpipe. Added a Zul-andra teleport scroll spawn upon killing Zulrah which allows players to teleport out of the shrine. Dr Ford will no longer give you a "You feel replenished" message if you didn't actually get healed (you would get this if you still had the cooldown). Reduced Mysterious Adventurer slayer master's assignment fee from 1M gp to 250K. Reduced Venenatis and Callisto's defence level and defence bonuses. Added a PvM mystery box in the PvM point store for 1K PvM points. These cannot be purchased or opened by ironmen due to the items in the box. Possible PvM mystery box rewards are:
  12. Deluxe

    PVM Points

    How many? I've put 1K for now. These are probably not gonna be added Don't think this should be in the rare table as the next update we've made it drop more commonly from the brine rats Based on feedback by QA, these will not be purchaseable or be able to opened by ironmen due to the items that are in the box.
  13. Deluxe

    Wildy boss's

    I reduced Vene and Callisto's def/def bonuses. Any other specific wilderness npcs that could do with a nerf?
  14. Reduced the fee to 250K.

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