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  1. If it’s the donor rank you’re worried about losing, there’s this:
  2. Can you guys atleast provide suggestions for what should be added?
  3. Brimstone chest has been added in the most recent update, we'll get to adding the new slayer helm soon (prolly next patch, no promises tho)
  4. Same items as osrs (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Brimstone_chest)
  5. There’s really not many other toplists that bring in as much traffic compared to the ones we have currently, but I wouldn’t be against it
  6. What do u mean? Add more vote sites?
  7. None of the youtubers that we pay to have vids done are participating
  8. Changed BM price to 50 for bolts, darts and javelins
  9. This is in the todo but not really a priority
  10. I meant that reply for you to suggest a BM price per dart since that's currently how it works
  11. Currently it works per 1 dragon dart
  12. Deluxe


    Working on this currently
  13. open to suggestions, as always
  14. Just finished this, also the loot rates should hopefully be better than before

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