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  1. Forgot to update the website so I’ll do that later tonight. I increased the drop rate of em by around 1/1.5k
  2. Referral contest has ended. As announced before in the Discord, as there aren't many invites from the top 3 players I have only decided to give out the first place reward. Hope everyone understands. Everyone else will still be rewarded with Mystery boxes amounting to their referrals made (excluding leaves), just DM me if you're wanting the mbox and if your discord name is on the list below: Congrats to @Gary on winning the first place reward. DM me on Discord to choose between 500M GP or a $50 bond.
  3. What’s the gap bug?
  4. Deluxe

    Pvp Armour

    I'd like for it to be in the Wilderness keys chests since that's something you can only get via Pking, but with the lack of PKing I don't see many gaining the armours from it. Even if it was added to the chest as an incentive, it still probably will not get enough people wanting to PK.
  5. Hey guys, This patch is for the following changes/fixes: Fixed a bug with the Gambler-rank bond where you wouldn't be able to redeem it Fixed an issue when trying to select the Gamble-rank bond in GE. Barrelchest anchor has been added to the PvM shop for 5,250 PvM points. Increased drop rates of Draconic visages from all npcs which drop it, making it more common. Snake weed has been added to Jatix. The Brimstone ring pieces will now drop in order of Hydra's eye, Hydra's fang and Hydra's heart. Once all pieces are in possession of the player, it'll give a random piece. (This update means the pieces will no longer appear on the ;;drops page). Burning amulets have been added allowing players to teleport to Chaos temple, Bandit camp and the Lava maze. Dodgy necklace is now functional which allows players to avoid the stun and damage from failing to pickpocket npcs. The effect chance is 25%, this increases by 5% per donator tier capping at 50% for Legendary Indovians. Perdu will now repair all your barrows pieces and broken untradeables at once. Added Hydra slayer helm and Hydra slayer helm (i) to Perdu's lost property shop. Max capes will now have the Ava's accumulator effect which has a 72% chance of keeping ammo. Fixed a graphical issue with Dragon chainbody (g) Skotizo's Elite clue scroll drop rate has been increased to 1/5. Fixed an issue where the "Your original stats have been restored" message would keep appearing for ironmen players when attempting to toggle PvPmode. Fixed an issue where PvPmode would replace the 'PvP actions' slot when being toggled. Due to feedback, the Twisted bow has been given an accuracy buff of 20%. Added a command for Server moderators to be able to restart CoX rooms when they get bugged.
  6. Deluxe

    Pvp Armour

    We could add them but we’re hesitant whether they’d get removed from the cache by jagex (if we upgrade to the latest rev where they get removed then the items will no longer exist)
  7. Isn’t specifically in relation to the suggestion/bug you’ve mentioned but we’re trying to sort out the bug where rooms won’t start/end properly. We know what the issue is with that but a proper fix for it is pretty hard to do currently. We’ve added a command for server mods+ to be able to use it whenever a player gets stuck in a cox room
  8. Added them to Jatix
  9. Dear Indovians, The following promotions and resignations have taken place this week: @ MonkeyB has been promoted to Server support. @ hc gutta has been promoted to Server support. @ Theruler17 has resigned from Global Moderator. @ Frosty has resigned from Server Moderator. We want to thank them both for their time and service as staff that they've put in since the release of Indova and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. We are in need of staff. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Indova staff team
  10. Congrats to @MonkeyB on becoming May's MoTM! PM me to receive your reward.
  11. Deluxe


    The least you could do is actually specify what we aren't supposedly listening to

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