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  1. Hi all, The update today brings you the following changes and additions worked on over the past few months: Discord bot changes: You can now send messages in the #Help-chat Discord channel and these messages will appear to members in the "Help" clan chat. Messages sent will have a Discord icon before the username of the Discord user (make sure you have latest client for this change). Similar to above, messages sent in the "Help" clan chat will appear in the #Help-chat Discord channel. Messages sent from Staff members will be underlined and bold. Added Discord commands: ::players - Shows the number of players online. ::topic # - Sends a link of the given topic number. ::staff - Shows the number of staff online. Added additional Barbarian fishing spots at donor skilling area Another change for the Discord bot library as the previous one was unreliable and randomly disconnected. You can now autocast with the Void knight mace. Reduced the amount of votes needed to 1000 for DXP. Wogw event changes: Removed 1.5x BM event Decreased rate of BM and Key Rate events Increased rate of CoX, ToB and PC events Changed the Hardwood Grove gate Indovian donator benefit text to avoid confusion Bug fix for Zahur not giving the correct amount of unf pots with certain potions Snakelings will now automatically despawn after Zulrah dies Added Karamjan Rum as possible loot from the Market stall in Draynor Village. Using the rum on a piece of silk will turn it in to a cleaning cloth allowing players to remove poison from weapons. You can now toggle the KDR overlay from the Emblem Trader. Slayer Perk changes: "Seeing red" & "Mith me, mith me" slayer perks have been merged in to 1 perk. "Ada'mind some more" & "RUUUUUNE" have been merged in to 1 perk. Added "Hail Hydra" perk which automatically notes Hydra bones while killed on a Slayer assignment. Added "Rev it up" extension which extends Revenant slayer tasks. "Hail hydra", "Rev it up" & "Ada'mind some more RUUUUUNE" are now disableable extensions. Super combat potion will no longer grant the defence boost if another pot has given a boost higher than what the Super combat potion would give. Fix for the Tank event's despawn timer throwing errors Zahur will now be able to create additional unfinished potions such as unfinished blood potions (https://forum.indovaps.com/index.php?/topic/3564-unfinished-blood-potions/) Fixed the "Override" preset bug where it'd revert to the old loadout after relogging. Fixed an issue where presets would disappear when being renamed to the same name as an already existing preset. Reduced the Fremennik Sea Boot teleport cooldown to 12 hours instead of 24 hours. Change with a STASH unit requiring a Shadow sword when it wasn't needed for the clue. Fixing issue with the "Peek" option on the Thermonuclear smoke devil entrance. Added missing Dragon pickaxe variants for the "Spin in front of the Soul altar" master clue. Added the rest of the Rock golem pets. You can now use an ore on your Rock golem to change its appearance.
  2. This was added to our list of things to have ready for/near release of the rebrand. If anyone wants to add on to the list of possible daily tasks plz do so
  3. Being tested currently, should be in next patch if it goes fine.
  4. 30% -> 1.5x skill event 20% -> 2x skill event 10% -> +35% CoX points 10% -> 2x ToB rare rate 10% -> 2x PC event 10% -> 2x BM event 5% -> 2x Key rate event 5% -> 1.5x BM event Those are the current event rates. What would you specifically suggest to adjust
  5. Timer starts on first use, and it's a timer for you only so your cooldown resets after 24 hours whenever your first use was Made it 12 hours for next patch.
  6. Giving this a go currently
  7. Deluxe

    Farming guild

    The patches currently aren’t functional but its one of the things we’ve planned to add for/near the rebrand release.
  8. Its been added with some changes that I made for drop notifications, shows values for both high alch and sigmund
  9. Most of these were suggested for awhile, wouldn't call them pointless. But yeah they'll be on the rebranded server too
  10. Hey all, Today's update brings you the following changes: You can now use ferocious gloves on the machinery in the Lithkren vault to turn it back in to hydra leather. Added Tan Leather lunar spell. Added additional items to be sellable to the Indova token store (https://forum.indovaps.com/index.php?/topic/3688-additions-to-indova-token-store/). Alchemical hydra drop rate changes: Tail 1/500 -> 1/400 Leather 1/1000 -> 1/800 Claw 1/2000 -> 1/1600 Ring pieces 1/180 -> 1/150 Added additional drops to npcs: https://i.imgur.com/Xw2dIHr.png You can now use ring of recoils (both unnoted and noted) on your Ring of sufferings to give them the recoil effect. Added the missing equip requirements for the Ring of sufferings. You can now use an Enchantment scroll on a Ring of suffering (r) to turn it in to a Ring of suffering (ri). Uncharging the ring will not refund the recoils used however the charges will remain. Added String Jewellery lunar spell. Added Super Glass make spell. You can now equip the Granite ring. Fixed an issue with Duo slayer partners not being able to receive Brimstone key drops. Wearing a Slayer ring (eternal) will now spawn Superiors at a rate of 1/170 instead of 1/200. Enabled Zulrah's snakelings spawns as a use for the Ring of Suffering's with the recoil effect being added.
  11. Added, will be going through testing just to make sure it's not got any bugs that I missed. Should be out for the next patch
  12. Added tan leather spell for next patch

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