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  1. Hey all, Note: Make sure your clients are updated! Todays patch consists of: Fixed an issue with Imbued slayer helm's melee and ranged/magic bonuses being switched. Corrected Light and Heavy ballista's attack speeds. Removed the distance cap used by the Ground markers plugin. Changes have been made with the client to resolve an issue where it would take too long to open for some players. The Teleblock and freeze timers will now activate when triggered. The freeze timer may not be fully accurate if triggered by an NPC, however this is something we can disable if it's wanted (need feedback). Due to there being too many items in the game and causing an economy issue, we have added a store at the Indova guide which will buy certain items in return for Indova tokens. These tokens can then be used to buy certain items from the Indova token store. Items and the prices of the items are subject to change based on feedback. Reduced the Ice barrage, Ice blits and Entangle freeze timer by 1 tick. Fixed the timer not appearing when drinking a dose of Super antifire or Extended super antifire. Reduced Hydra and Vetion respawn timers. Fixed a bug where you would be able to create bolts while having a full inventory. Fixed an issue where Dragon hunter lance was not being accounted for in the damage reduction against Corporeal beast. Fixed an issue where Kodai wand was being given more of a bonus than it should have been. Added in missing Arceuus teleport locations. Reduced the attack delay for Sanguinesti staff and Thammaron sceptre to match the Tridents. Fixed an issue where Trident of the Swamp was being given more of a maxhit than it should've been (Sanguinesti staff should now have the higher max hit by 1 versus Trident). Corrected the riddle solution for "UZZU MUJHRKYYKJ" to 3, instead of 2. Corrected the Hydra helm (i) stats. Fixed an issue with Arclight's special attack where it wouldn't correctly drain stats based on the NPCs original stat levels. You can now offer Ancient shards in exchange for Dark totems by using an Ancient shard on the Altar in the Catacombs of Kourend. The current exchange rate is 15 shards for 1 totem. Rainbow scarf and 'Items of the Week' items from the Crystal chest have been added to the Vote store. The Items of the Week items will change every week or so as a rotation. Duo Ironmen will now have a Yell tag "Duo Iron" instead of an empty yell tag in certain cases. Slightly adjusted the alignment of the Duo ironman rank icon in the chatbox. Fixed a bug where players could sometimes use their Toxic blowpipe in combat without having any scale charges. Running out of scales in your blowpipe will no longer turn the blowpipe in to an empty blowpipe if you still have darts inside the blowpipe. While having 0 charges, unloading a blowpipe will now give the player an empty toxic blowpipe instead of staying as a used blowpipe. Loading darts in to an empty toxic blowpipe will now give the player a used toxic blowpipe instead of remaining as an empty toxic blowpipe. With the new donator rank addition, we have went through the existing donation benefits and adjusted them to fit in the Elite Indovian rank. Refer to the spoiler at the end of the patch njotes to see all changes. Added Dominion Zone and re-added the CoX Lobby and ToB Lobby Discord rich presence messages. Vote counter will now save across updates/restarts for DXP. This however means that we've increased the requirement to 1.5K votes being needed instead of 1K. Added a ::totalvotes command showing the amount of votes made (removed this from being shown in the regular ::vote command) Fixed an issue where Ultimate ironmen were having coins sent to their bank if their inventory was full while completing a Slayer assignment. Mysterious emblems from Krystilia tasks will now have a higher rate of being dropped while skulled. Formula: 130 (if skulled) or 155 (not skulled) - (hp / 2) Reduced Kreearra's and K'ril defence bonuses. Added Infinity set pieces, Mage's book and wands to Battle mages in the Wilderness. Heavy ballista now requires 40 defence to equip. Crystal halberds now require 70 attack instead of 75.
  2. Lowered the defence level and defence bonuses of both for next update We would but we don’t want to risk any dupes with it. There’s also some missing placeholder items which we believe is because of the pvpmode items having replaced the placeholder items. We’d need to figure something out with this, even if it means removing pvpmode items.
  3. Why are all ur replies always just “meh”??? And yes this is on the todo, not sure if we will have room for both though
  4. We’d ideally want the GE to have “dynamic” prices, meaning the prices would update every x days but its currently not working afaik. We’ve not really had enough time to get around to checking it out to see what’s actually causing it.
  5. We can do the skulled drop rate adjustment if people want it - need more feedback. We won’t be able to do Mimic yet since we’re not on the same revision as OSRS.
  6. Thanks. Used your rates apart from Teachers wand being 1/650 and Mage's book being 1/1250. Will be in next update.
  7. Implemented the Elite donation tier for the next update. For other donation benefits you guys are mentioning, there's a separate topic for that already pinned in the suggestion board.
  8. Sorry for not remembering every little detail off the top of my head :DDDDDDD
  9. Doesnt ToB already scale based on xp rate or was that applied for CoX?
  10. I’ve been going through the benefits and squeezing the new rank in to the benefits. Should be done by tomorrow.
  11. Added items of the week from the crystal chest to the vote store for 10k vote points each. We'll start with the corrupt armour pieces first and then after we'll rotate them to different items after a week or so. What vote price adjustments should take place for the existing items?
  12. Will be done soon, just need to have some time getting around to adding the donator benefits and some other stuff for it.

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