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  1. Done some more changes involving the skilling area: Added Anglerfish fishing spots in Piscarilius and the Donator skilling area. Added Karambwans fishing spots in Karamja and the Donator skilling area. Added bank chests near the Mining rocks and Fishing spots of Donator skilling area as more incentive/benefit. Additional mining rocks have been added to the Donator skilling area (3x iron, 1x adamant & 1x runite rocks). Also removed some objects in the way of an additional line of 27 logs for fm, so there should be 3 lines now to firemake on. I don't expect these changes to really make it a whole lot better to the point where it'd be OP to use over other areas, but there did need to be some more incentive/benefit in using the area Which areas
  2. Theres already a path u can do 27 logs at currently: I can get those objects removed next to the rocks to allow for an extra path aswell as a bank booth on the other end to give a spot for fmers. There's probably going to still be better spots though despite these changes. Also added 3 iron rocks + an addition adamant and rune rock but looking for more feedback
  3. The KOTS Contest has finished and the results are now in. Here are your winners: Rewards: - Highest total level overall: KOTS Inbread (50M) - Highest level in each of the 23 skills: Kots Inbread (16 x 35M), Kots Odin (6 x 35M) & KOTS Me (1 x 35M) - Most skilling/boss pets: KOTS Odin (30M) - Most complete skilling sets: N/A - Most achievements completed: KOTS Inbread (20M) - Most GP: KOTS Odin (20M) - Most skilling points: KOTS Odin (20M) Contact an admin+ on Discord for your rewards! Any other account not included did not have enough game time or did not progress at all through the event. All kots accounts have been unbanned and changed to the normal gamemode if participants wish to continue using the account. Kind regards, The Indova Adminstration team
  4. What if we added it to the seed pod and if you're a donator it'd teleport you to dzone instead of home? Or are you guys wanting another item to be used instead for this
  5. https://indovaps.com/hiscore/king-of-the-skill
  6. Hey everyone, We will be running another King of the Skill contest. We have also added hiscores for KOTS for those of you who're participating to see how well you are doing against the other participants, this will be made available once the contest starts. The event will start tonight @ 10PM server time and will end on Saturday 15th December @ 10PM. You may create your accounts to reserve any names you wish to use for the contest. Ensure that you do not select a mode until the event has started as the KOTS gamemode will not be made chooseable upon account creation until the contest has actually begun. Note that accounts may be banned at the end of the event to verify the winners (once they are verified, the account will be unbanned and put on the normal mode). Rules: - Create a new account and use “KOTS” as the prefix of the username, for example: KOTS Deluxe. - You must use the KOTS gamemode else you will not be counted. - You may only play for up to 24 hours playtime. Any player who exceeds this playtime, even by a minute, will be disqualified so be sure to logout of the account minutes before the 24 hour mark to be safe! - Depending on severity, rule breaking will result in disqualification (spamming may not, but macroing definitely would). Rewards for: - Highest total level overall: 50M - Highest level in each of the 23 skills: 35M (where there is a tie, this will be based off exp). - Most skilling/boss pets: 30M - Most complete skilling sets: 25M - Most achievements completed: 20M - Most GP: 20M - Most skilling points: 20M Rewards may be split between the winners if there is a tie. Good luck to everyone who participates! King regards, The Indova Administration Team
  7. What's the point in disabling them? We could just put it on for a lower chance. Rather not keep taking things away from Wilderness, it's already dead as it is.
  8. This'd be added once we upgrade to a newer revision
  9. The poll results have been updated to reflect the actual results, given that there was a lot of vote abusing going on with using alternative accounts we needed to remove these to actually work on what most of the players want and that's quite clearly Custom Content. We have left a vote for the vote abusers main account that they actively play on, but this may not be the case for the next poll. Now, to name those who were found to be using alts : ) HCI Raisin - used 1 alt to vote for Custom Content Lean - used 6 alts to vote for Construction Box - used 5 alts to vote for Construction Kmoney - used 2 alts to vote for Wintertodt
  10. I wouldn’t be against it being a donator perk
  11. This is in the todo btw
  12. This is something we have in mind too
  13. Just the exp multiplier event currently
  14. Hey all, The following resignation has taken place this week: @Ubba has resigned from Server Moderator. We would like to thank him for his time as staff and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.  We are in need of staff. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Indova Administration team

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