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  1. Ali

    More Bankspace

    Please add more bankspace benefit for donors something like this: Indovians: +5 Super Indovians: +10 Extreme Indovians: +15 Legendary Indovians: +20 Master Indovians: +25 Uber Indovians: +30 Supreme Indovians: +40 We need more bankspace, well I do... bank keeps getting full even after selling alot of junk and dropping some items, it's becoming really annoying, could use more space, issue could also be resolved if an extra chest was added ingame in Donator Zone for donors where we can store clue scrolls or items that don't placehold... the chest can have a limit of 10-15 tho...
  2. Yes this will be great update very awesome suggestions, more hellhounds will attract more players to server, bring the eco back alive, will attract more wildy active, it is best for the server yes support 10/10 [email protected]
  3. time to get some dmz drops
  4. oh the memories... @Syndicate @C R I M look at those beautiful drops boys... @The KiD miss those days
  5. ..........,,,...,,,...,,,.... .

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