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  1. just make the items alch value something like 1m-1.5m items i would say that have currently very low alch value should protect over items like barrows and godswords, bludgeons etc: - Cerberus boots - Zenyte jewellery - Raids items - Bandos and arma sets Items that are untradeable such as assembler should also go to perdu I think the permanent values these items should have is: Prims - 100m Pegs - 250m bcp - 80m tassy- 100m eternals - 30m anguish and tort - 120m dwh - 400m-500m ghrazi rapier - 600m sanguinesti staff - 700m dhcb - 200m claws - 200m arma chestplate - 100m arma skirt - 80m god dhide boots - 30m godswords - 30m cant think of other items atm maybe others can add their input to this @Deluxe
  2. ..........,,,...,,,...,,,.... .
  3. I agree with Bacons idea of custom bosses, would attract more people to server and make it more interesting and enjoyable for current players, tho I also want clan chat rework just as much as much as I like pvm I have a different idea for some custom content, an npc or a chest players can give/donate gp and items to all week and at the end of the week all the items donated are dropped in a drop party in falador party room and the player(s) who donated most can have a special rank or title e.g Philanthropist or something, well it's just an idea
  4. Ali


    Goodluck Kuto, Muaz and Hawk! Nice to see more clans coming up!
  5. good stuff Tom, good stuff, Godspeed.

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