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  1. Nice loot and you should chsnge the title to "loot from 101 zulrah" haha
  2. hit "Pet" section 12 times Opened around 3k of them and still no pet
  3. little update. just been working on combat
  4. sorry for lack of updates but been on holidays and then this connections were happening. now back in hopefully full force and updates should be coming fairy regularly. more than likely every day or two
  5. amazing. thanks alot. havent had many disconnects recently so thanks for that
  6. I'm just guessing that most player base in indova is probably from Europe so I suggested UK. Seems like the most central for everyone?
  7. Unfortunately, this is going to get declined. That outfit is rs3 content and we are osrs server.
  8. Yell chat for next few days.... Feel free to pm me for any help. On topic.... cool idea. Justbrings community together
  9. Woooooooooop. Time to train some combat
  10. Back from holiday. Gonna grind again
  11. Thanks you for opportunity to help the server out and congrats everyone Ps- back from holiday so I'm gonna grind some xps again
  12. I'll buy all ores and bars if still available Plus grapes

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