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knock knock

Super Indovian
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knock knock last won the day on November 16

knock knock had the most liked content!

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    Astrophysics and cocaine

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  1. I came in as the favorite, and I know I let some people down. You just gotta pick yourself back up and train harder, it's all about the training man.
  2. knock knock

    desert gate

    That's jail, this guy is trying to host a JAILBREAK!
  3. Not sure which server you're playing.
  4. I was going to vote for Kuto but then I realized I misread "helpful" as "hated".
  5. Idk everyone knowing how bad is he might make him "break his laptop" again.
  6. Sure glad I'm not barred from the game
  7. PSA: Follow the rules or Flux is gonna steal your coins!

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