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  1. Cant wait to have time for this bad boy raid
  2. I did heroes with full rogue outfit , wich doubles the money you get
  3. Cant really say because I bought tons of stuff in the process but id say around 600-700m
  4. I have like 10 days if im correct For sure, had to calculate it like 3 times cause I fucked up twice in the making Thanks all !
  5. So...Finally achieved my thieving goal ( 50m xp ) P.S Rip hiscores showing 1 extra xp Time to start the max grind on x1 ! Mat
  6. el mat


    Welcome to the server Jeremy!
  7. Goodluck! Feel free to pm me, i love grinding myself
  8. el mat


    Welcome Ryan! Enjoy your stay
  9. el mat

    26 days

    About time, congratz
  10. I always love seeing those numbers ! All those raids items... with none in my name FeelsBadMan
  11. Vacations are over, time to get back in the grind !

    1. Peri


      You won't believe how many ToB items I got while you were gone

    2. Tom Delonge

      Tom Delonge

      Same amount of likes your comment has?



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