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  1. Omg I can't wait for the reopening, so excited for the inevitable PvP tournaments that will be held and the great benefit of a safe wildy 😀
  2. was a while back now, but around 240
  3. The orb spells work (only checked the fire one) but I assume all are working.
  4. Gz mut Fuck off Meyme (Jk you were a great friend and still will be, ty for the time you gave to Indova)
  5. 5k seems reasonable to me, especially for players that are starting out.
  6. Something along the lines of a deposit box is already in the to-do.
  7. I agree, this would be really nice QOL, it's already on the to-do. But I don't think it's a priority for it to be added atm. Would definitely be nice to have nonetheless.
  8. I didn't say solo lol. Find a team, I seen a good 5-6 people yday looking for more people to join pc. No event was on b t w

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