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  1. Introduction This Clan Chat is mainly for Ironmen that are looking for a place where they can share their experiences with other Irons, give any advice and tips to players who are new to the Ironman modes. Players in non-ironman mode can also join if they wish to as there are no set requirements. Rules Server rules still apply in the CC We don't have any rule for the Wilderness stating that you aren't allowed to attack any CC members No flaming/causing arguments with other clans on yell (or in general), doing so may cause you to be de-ranked or temporarily kicked from the clan chat depending on the situation. Ranks Ranks will be given to members who are active in the CC. Discord If you would like to be invited to the discord, please PM any of the following on discord 'Pacwhale#6375' 'Gutta#2426' 'Ruler#2053' 'Fearless#3962'.
  2. In the to-do already, not a priority though.
  3. If you talk to the dude at the shaman Tele spot, you can create an instanced boss room.
  4. Theruler17


    Seers is faster than pollnivneach btw with the double enter tp back to seers course
  5. I agree that the mage minion hits far more accurately than it should, this is the same with the mage minion at zammy and melee minion at kreearra
  6. I don't mind them being exchangeable back for 350 skill pts
  7. this sounds like a cool idea if it's possible
  8. They were only dropping coins @wingdragon
  9. Herb patches take 40 mins (never die) Trees take 8 hours (never die) Allotments take 20 mins (die slot) My advice is to only plant herbs/trees and not bother with allotments
  10. Who is Juicy Grapes??? GL in your new role Erza
  11. It's deluxe breaking things

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