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  1. I like it very much keep updating thanks xoxoxo
  2. Thats really amazing dude your drop log is huge keep doing the great work xoxo
  3. Never happened to me but i agree thats a huge improvement to server thanks for your suggestion
  4. jajajaja

    Stupit update

    I dont agree but i also dont disagree
  5. I can give you congrats for the creativity GRATS
  6. About time hahah congrats!! <3
  7. If you wanna play at a hard exp rate so you start with that hard exp rate. If its allowed to keep changing rates forever it will be easier, as flux well explained ^
  8. No support. Changing makings it so easy aka me on runique make it hard.
  9. jajajaja


    Congratulations you are amazing Can you please make a guide on forums on how to kill lizardman shaman since you are a pro?
  10. Dont make me grind 120's again please no support

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