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  1. Someone make this happen
  2. Untradeables shouldn't be stored in looting bag. You can get a ring of suffering to save inventory for rings or just not imbue them. You can disassemble slayer helm to store the black mask. You can uncharge bp and trident to store those.
  3. Here's to it lasting longer than the other iron clans
  4. You can use the lunar spell 'plank make' to make higher tiered planks
  5. Using multiple accounts doesn't go under this rule, so yes it's allowed as long as you're not botting on either of them obviously.
  6. Welcome to Indova
  7. Of course kuto puts this under elite
  8. Thanks for the update and no problem for the seed box
  9. A little bit over 500k
  10. This should be pinned for eternity
  11. Welcome to the server, glad you enjoy it so far
  12. Meyme

    few suggestions

    Most of the stuff here is fine, but would rather see granite dust introduced with grotesque guardians. The plank make spell is also supposed to only convert one log into a plank, not the whole inventory.
  13. Good luck on maxing

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