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  1. I don't know what it is about playing but it just feels as if this games just maybe too close to being osrs? which makes me question a lot lately why I don't just play osrs instead, I don't exactly know why or even if that's a bad thing, maybe just need a break from it for a bit? Just feels like there isn't much of an eco atm either items are too cheap or way too expensive, there isn't really an inbetween and the server is just stuck as a standstill player-base-wise, I still really enjoy the game but there's something just not right atm?
  2. Some small suggestions that may have been mentioned 1) Small suggestion but it makes sense i guess. Instead of each slayer master resetting your streak when you change master, why not make each slayer master have their own streak? mini kind of useful update that may be nice? Along with this add the wilderness slayer master with the increased points per task (this has the same function as above currently in osrs with a seperate points system) 2) Buff dragon bolts (Dragon slayer 2) drops so there is a market for them as nobody will kill rune/addy drags 3) Imbued god capes 4) Fruit trees May add to this if I think of any others, Thanks, O U C H.
  3. Nice guide but the profits a bit inaccurate? what about getting the steel bars? they're surely not cheap and coal definitely isn't :\
  4. Few basic suggestions and some nice QoL ones: Couldn't be asked to make this fancy, sorry. A fifth herb patch that is the one after my arms big adventure, which could be a mini quest implemented also? Fix burn rates so they are accurate to osrs for ranges/fires/with and without cooking gaunts Add combition runes for faster rcing exp (hope this isnt ingame atm) Add void deflector when the elite void is introduced Add more distinguishable perks to being a donar, no real benefits worth while atm, such as making yell donar-only and a better dskills QoL: Timer around your special attack percentage that shows when your special attack bar is going up another 10% Timer around your hp bar that shows when you are going up a hp (BOTH OF THESE ARE MEANING THE ORB BY THE MAP, A CIRCLE GOING AROUND IT WHICH OSBUDDY HAS). Bit easier access to each herb patch teleport as they are a bit of effort to get to atm unless you favourite them Couldn't be asked to think anymore so any feedback is greatly appreciated, Thanks, O U C H.

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