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Extreme Indovian
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  1. Gary

    Bank Pics

    e bank don't die smile
  2. Gary


    Seen you around quite a bit and I'm glad you joined the forums. Goodluck ingame on getting to raids content.
  3. Its 1m per task so you want Super Indovian+ to be free? I do agree that the DZ master is useless and needs balanced though.
  5. They obviously want this, but I assume there is something stopping them from doing it. I do +1 this however.
  6. Gary

    PVM Points

    I have suggested this in the past and there was a lot of desire for it, but the problem is finding something to put in there.
  7. Amazing job deluxe! After all my bandos grinding maybe now I can get a drop lol.
  8. EZ chaps for terrible master rewards. Gz.
  9. Please update Zulrah to match OSRS. I support this, but just make it so we use recoils on the rings don't make use use an extra scroll.
  10. I also have the heads already lol. I'm taking a break from hydra for a bit I hate that boss.

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