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  1. Not bad, unusual skill to see, I like that.
  2. I am not much of a pker so I wont directly comment on this, however I think if all of this would be implemented the way you wrote it.. It would flip the server around. As of now, skilling is pretty much the only thing that keeps some sort of relevance to the eco. I understand for someone that loves pking that seeing it being dead here hurts.. But just flipping the server around also isn't fair for the rest. However I agree that something has to bring pvp back on track for Indova.
  3. Thanks for this event, wish I could effectivley participate, sadly my enviroment is highly anti-gaming.
  4. I don't really see the point as to why lowering the drop rate boost attracts more player to vote.. I do however see the point with the vote books. I vote on cooldown because I wanna stack as much 1.5 xp as possible for 2.0 events or 2.0 xp global since I'm 2.0x. But I don't see any worth for that for any 50x + player.. So adding some sort of pvm bonus to them sounds cool. Although 1 hour is definitley too much
  5. Amazing update, Iots of QoL My favourite is the new donator rank.
  6. Definitley agree on the boost, also on the mimic, when the client released.
  7. Not really sure about any goals but it's nice to see one of those threads again. Im just hoping it's not dying after a few weeks
  8. I would give this one a yes. The reason is, that I think it comes in usefull for lower xp rates since they don't rush to 99 as fast. However I would maybe increase the charge on it from 10 to maybe 100? Or 50? Something like this.
  9. Izay


    I see you also like hell. Welcome welcome.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vl2xckNpy4
  11. Welcome back, not sure if I remember you, some names sounds familiar.. Anyways, enjoy your stay.
  12. Share some RNG please. Just kidding, looks nice, hopefully your luck doesnt fade away now
  13. It's convenient, as it serves the purpose of a "favorites" tab, in my opinion atleast. The teleport hud is packed with teleports I never use, obviously so filtering it to the ones I currently need would seems beneficial. But thanks for the criticism, I see your point, it's more a QoL thing I'd say.

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