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  1. Izay


    But for those people who just passivly train this skill it's a pain. You can't just always assume people train on max. efficiency. But thanks for the feedback.
  2. Izay


    Hello everyone, just a quick suggestion, or rather a question.. Is there any specific reason that the pollnivneach rooftop course is not available? It makes the jump from 60-80 at seers' so unnecessary long.. Would love to see the last rooftop course also being added. Cheers Izay
  3. Thanks alot, especially for the Tool Leprechaun thing. Reported it yesterday, already fixxed. Great job.
  4. Hello everyone, since I'm on my way to 99 RC I noticed one thing that really bothers me about it. Since we do have teleports on this server and can teleport straight to the altars there's no real need for us to go to the abyss other than getting a giant pouch for the last 2 levesl (75-77 for bloods) That's where I noticed that the flow of training this skill is really instable since I think that the rate in which the pouches degrade is too fast for this server, since it's not oldschool, and we dont have to run to the Abyss anyway. This is mainly noticeable for low xp rates such as me, who really have to grind some hours to get to 77. I am almost finished with 77 but would love to see this change for future low exp rate players to make it a bit of a better training feeling, with less interuptions. Thank you for reading
  5. Nice little update, next to the construction work, thanks.
  6. Really nice update, also love the new style of the patch notes, keep it like that.
  7. Congratz to both of you.
  8. Welcome! If you need someone to chat, pm me ingame.
  9. Thanks for the update. Cant wait for ToB.. .. .. .. but I'm 1x
  10. Great update however I don't like this part to be exact.. I love this server and every staff member aswell, but I think this was not needed. Just maybe being more strict with yellblocking certain people, who always do it. Otherwise, great update.
  11. Izay


    Welcome welcome and good luck on not dying.

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