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  1. Idk how I think about you calling everyone from EU not agreeing with this "toxic flame" I'm against it. I'm from EU, obv. you are not. But as Gary said, moving it now doesn't make much sense. Finding the "best" location is not possible, there is always a region who doesn't benefit. And I really don't want to sound unfair, but I think we have alot more players from EU than from Hawaii..
  2. This reminds of something.. HMMM Absolutely a + from me
  3. Thanks for your time @woopy
  4. Thanks for being nominated aswell, fills my German heart with joy. <3 GL to Deed and MonkeyB aswell
  5. Izay


    But that's the point, they are not doing "nothing" as Deluxe said? If there happens to be people actively trying to take advantage of the kindness of people to lend, they will do something against it. However if it's a single scenario, both people probably don't know the exact way the "lending" took place, staff can't do much since the evidence is not that convincing and it ends the same way it does now. And as I said, I strongly believe, warning users in the rules, and telling them, that it's near impossible to handle those situations and telling them to simply not lend, I think that is "doing something". Making people aware and cautious.. I do believe that is the smarter way.
  6. Izay


    I think it is not fair how you are downplaying the staff role. Trust me, those reports would be overwhelming, and its not like scamming "prevails". It's not scamming.. I'm really sorry.
  7. Izay


    This topic is already long enough, also Kadachi pretty much wrote down my thoughts, appreciate that. I just have to disagree with this. Surely there are multiple angles you can look at this, but I think this would be more than unfair to put tons of "scam" reports or even fake ones (which would 100% happen) on the shoulders of the staff team to deal with, which will mostly end in a A vs B scenario, all leading up from one person simply messing up, and the other person taking advantage of that, possibly not even on purpose. Too many "what if's" and not enough "yes, this will 100% help a person" I think making people wary about stuff like this could happen is helping people more than making your suggestion a thing. Still, and this should not be forgotten, I'm thankfull, that you put that much commitment into helping people with this suggestion.
  8. Welcome welcome, be sure to smash Flux whenever you get the chance to
  9. Izay

    Duo DMZ

    Unfortunately I have to disagree with this.. There was another thread some time ago about adding stuff to DMZ. And I'm gonna say what I said there - It turns the server into a wasteland - DMZ is instanced so normal GWD for example would become more dead than it already is.. Also DMZ is too overpowered as in - risk reward if it would turn out like this, in my opinion ofcourse
  10. Nice update, not as interesting for me this time since I hate gambling.. BUT I love the Buy x option, thanks alot
  11. Would agree to this, but would put it at a low priority. I believe there are alot of things that should have a higher priority. Especially the bug list.
  12. Idk, I feel like it would take prestige off the rank and the weapons, but if everyone likes it.
  13. Just a interesting question that came to my mind on my farm run.. What is the highest amount of herbs you ever got from 1 run of all 4 herb patches on Indova? I think I have gotten a bigger one but I just got one with 179 and thought it was quite good.
  14. Welcome back I suppose. I was about to ask C R I M if he is drunk, answering a post from a year ago. Lol
  15. F..F...Fortnite..?!?!? Anyways, welcome "back", I guess, I do remember that name.

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