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  1. i appreciate the feedback i agree with you on this, but i would like to have the items such as falador shield, karamja gloves, ardougne cloak, and fremenik sea boots and such, i think it would help not only iron men out as a whole, but regular players as well.
  2. i would like to suggest, somehow implementing into your server diary's, easy, medium, hard, and elite. the rewards don't necessarily need to be the same, nor do the tasks at hand but something similar would be nice, not only for regular players but iron men alike. it would be similar to the acheivement points, but with rewards that will help the players out, such as noted dagg bones from the elite tasks of fremennik, along with the rewards such as varrock armour, falador sheild, fremmenik sea boots and such.
  3. i would like to take you up on the 15x mulitplier on my HCIM that is now a regular ironman. i have trained stats since then, so just take the xp away and i'm fine with that.

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