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  1. wulf


    i support more conent why not
  2. wulf

    Small Suggestions

    yessss good ideas id like to see pvp armers and weps dropped by some kind of wildy boss extremely rare tho to get also bonesack and staff of light
  3. items like scythe and rapier need to become more rare in my opinion
  4. extreme or legendary skilling zone with a blood altar there and other unique stuff please
  5. amazing work tom! so tempted to de iron my account now lol the bloodrune grind would end
  6. so make it right click to attack clan member, wouldnt hurt anyone if it was tradable
  7. true true that would be nice
  8. Can we add achievement perks like on osrs? instead of just getting points.
  9. lololol not many servers have a fully working raids 1 most of them do have construction caus ive played many with it but not raids 1 only like 1 has raids 1 fully coded
  10. bandit it would take longer to code raids 1 into the game might aswell get it over with also it will attract players who are fond of raids 1 and thats a + construction can be added after. gatta think about the impact it will have on the playerbase aswell

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