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  1. It will be better without them. good riddance. gonna miss you peeps
  2. Stoop


    For this very reason that scammers are a thing I only lend items to people who in turn give me collateral. I’m not gonna give you an item for free knowing damn well there’s a probability of a switch being turned on in their mind that is like hey I could just take this and who cares if they get pissed not my problem. Literally its a give and take. So if you don’t want you stuff taken from you you must accept something of equal value from them so that if they run with the item you still didn’t really lose anything. Use your our brains here guys we aren’t five anymore
  3. As always great job with this update. I'm excited about gambling as I can now not only blame Tom for my bad rng at duel arena, drops, and pets but also at gamble as well. GG
  4. I don't see the big deal around buying bloods as an iron. It would definitely help many of them out.
  5. This would be nice for those who definetly just want fast singleway kills so adding them would be really nice but also you could argue that luring 1 at a time is also fairly easy to do
  6. Would it really be a troll? I could care less about raid events. If i spent my money and didnt get what i wanted with this reroll system i would 100% roll it again and I'm sure others that put in would do the same if they didnt want to raid.
  7. I would reroll a raid event just to be that guy and i could see a bunch of other clowns doing things similiar
  8. It was just off the top of my head as to what doesnt have tasks and its just something to do that people already train. I know those task would take quite some time to complete as well.
  9. I feel that blast furnace should be implemented. The thing with darts is that it doesnt matter if they are in the shops or not. on x4 xp and using a vote book i get 10m xp/hr fletching rune darts that is if i had enough, People will buy supplies to train other skills. So im not even concerned about the fact that i have a stack of 80k darts just chilling in my bank. I got the levels i needed thats all that i care about. So +1 to adding this into the game as well as finishing up skills such as farming that don't have all the content working
  10. I'm not sure what is going on with skilling tasks as of right now but there are still a few skills without tasks and has been this way for sometime Agility- Run x amount of laps of a certain course. Fletching- Fletch x amount of longbows/shortbows/arrows/darts/bolts/shields etc Farming- Harvest x amount of herbs/trees etc Herblore- Mix x amount of potions Smithing- Can be either Smelt x number of bars are Smith x amount of plate bodies.
  11. Welcome back old noob and congrats on the yungin
  12. I would be fine with the drop rate boost from vote books as it would encourage more people to vote but not the removal of donor drop rate boost. As it stands the drop rate boost is healthy for getting people to donate and if you dropped it by 1% then now indovians wouldn't even have a boost
  13. Great update :p Also can you add a list of what is accepted to the store?
  14. If people could just see the actually selling or buying prices in ge that would be great. It's a pain trying to buy/sell cause im always trying to figure out the prices of things

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