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  1. Hey guys, I just have a small suggestion for the blood altar tele from using fremmy sea boots 3 and soul tele from kandarin head gear 4 that is acquired from completing achievements. As it stands you get 10 tele's per piece for each altar. As it stands bloods are the best xp in the game from rcing as there is not much running required as compared to souls. For a tad bit of convenience when training rcing as many players hate the skill i would like everyones support to increase the amount of uses per day that the fremmy boots and headgear provide. I don't want them to be super overpowered in terms of granting too many charges but only a slight increase would be nice as not many players like to spend hours and hours on the skill but like short bursts. I am thinking that an increase from 10 to 15-20 uses would be very useful to most players that want to use a vote and tele straight to the altar withought wasting too much time running from the mine to the altars. Let me know in the comments what you think and if you have an exact number that would be more beneficial to the playerbase as a whole. Thank you for your time
  2. I like the idea behind this as I have seen it before as an tier system. The only problem would be the balancing. It is not a well sought after system for lower end players that have difficulty acquiring the items in the first place which usually turns it into quite a negative turn out as mentioned above with perks it could very well become a rich get richer aspect and could leave a nasty impression. If there is a way to balance everything perfectly and usually there is not I would be all for it. I support this as it could be a great gear sink but I believe you should also need to contribute gp in order to get the chance to upgrade the item for a decent money sink as well
  3. He is but he could give some insight for some training methods if you haven’t done the build before
  4. Pc would be great for the build I don’t see a reason not to support adding repairable gates/ barricades. If you seek advice on 10hp build pm @Golden Sun
  5. Support. Pouches degrade way too quickly and even at 99 rcing the cape does not protect them from degrading either which is quite a nuisance
  6. It does auto cast normal spellbook
  7. I support these more QoL would be great shift banking is very useful as well as the messaging
  8. stoop

    Clan Banners

    It he has an elder maul!!
  9. Fully support as I have only ever done wildy slay and the bum perk is lack luster and since wildy slay doesn’t give and sort of mysterious emblems while on task other than farming vet toon Callisto or vennenatis this would be the prefect opportunity for pvmers and pkers alike
  10. Gl and have fun reaching your goals!
  11. I support the fact that we need more perks. And what is listed by both you and deluxe would be great for getting more people to donate. I have donated 1500 and about 1k of it was before mboxes were released. Which all you could do was buy cosmetics and a few weapons. Now that mboxes were released it has brought in much more donations and has helped the server to grow. I don’t believe taking out mboxes would really benefit the community in the long run but they could be changed as deluxe mentioned.
  12. I usually just put music on in the background when I’m rcing and if I’m doing afkable skills I’ll watch anime. Usually forget that I’m playing indova and I end up going 100% afk until the episode ends and then halfway monitor my account afterwords.
  13. stoop

    Rune Pouch

    No support. Wildy slayer perk as stated above, farm revs, and also wildy bosses drop mysterious emblems. It’s not hard to get bm

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