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  1. I would be fine with the drop rate boost from vote books as it would encourage more people to vote but not the removal of donor drop rate boost. As it stands the drop rate boost is healthy for getting people to donate and if you dropped it by 1% then now indovians wouldn't even have a boost
  2. Great update :p Also can you add a list of what is accepted to the store?
  3. If people could just see the actually selling or buying prices in ge that would be great. It's a pain trying to buy/sell cause im always trying to figure out the prices of things
  4. This would honestely be the best way but would also be a cause of undercutting which i could care less about
  5. Im all for the skulled boost as I do quite a bit of wildy slay and im not scared to skull up for it
  6. Whoever made phuckmut a server support should be demoted right away..
  7. Sounds like a much better way. Make it like CoX
  8. Should be added but with a decreased drop rate/nerfed bm reward as it would destroy the shop
  9. Really? Not even gonna be a sunbro for the covenant... and 126 was meta last fortnight. Get with the times
  10. Good luck bud. I’ll show you how it’s done.
  11. My vote is for @Golden Sun. Such a great person and stays on his grind. Always helpful and is good to chat with

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