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  1. Good luck bud. I’ll show you how it’s done.
  2. My vote is for @Golden Sun. Such a great person and stays on his grind. Always helpful and is good to chat with
  3. If integrity is an issue then there should be a logout timer for x amount of time spent afk after getting the message. If we can afk 200m magic why not all other combat skills. This is why on osrs there’s a 6 hour timer to keep people from afk forever and it’s as simple as logging back in. There’s no issue afking combat skills since that’s just how the good lord guthix intended it to be.
  4. Appreciate the support main grind is rcing like normal everything else is passive. I’ll actually work on my account once I hit 200m
  5. I heard he was visiting the loan sharks last week but I’m not sure how that went
  6. Thank you. Most of my skills that are under 60 are from lamps honestly
  7. Finally got around to updating this
  8. Shield hero is good. Wish all episodes were 40 mins like the opening. If y’all haven’t watched appregio of blue steel give it a go
  9. Your heart is so weak you can’t even spell correctly. Or is that because Golden Time got you down
  10. I’ve heard of it and I think I tried to watch an episode and I’m not sure what happened that made me not watch it. You want something that will hit you in your feels. Head on over and watch Golden Time. Thank me later
  11. Big support for trident and rev task increase

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