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  1. If only this was a thing when i was active
  2. Don't think its our fault that you couldn't get back online in time to get your items, if it was a server wide issue then sure, so no support from me.
  3. I have about 2 days 13 hours on the account, alot more if splashing didn't make you go idle, ill be focusing more on slayer for now until the slayer revamp
  4. Here are my stats for my x1 account, currently splashing because i am busy with other things, ill mainly be doing combat/slayer on this account. Gl on your account, hope you keep this updated
  5. This could possibly be added to the slayer rewards that are being redone fairly soon, i wouldn't mind that
  6. Gamble is a no from me, we left them type of people behind. Duel works fine
  7. More slayer masters, meaning less bad tasks at higher levels, rewards and abilities, alot more than a small revamp, sounds like the whole system is being redone from what i have been told
  8. Sam

    Drop Tables

    Good idea but like Gary said, its not a priority and ::drops works absolutely fine
  9. I voted @Kuto, come be a slave with me
  10. Welcome Jeff, look forward to what you bring to the server
  11. Hey welcome to Indova, i hope to see you around also, good luck with your ingame goals if you have created any

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