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J W Kingsley

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work Tom! Good update.
  2. I enjoyed this video haha keep making them!
  3. MY goodness KUTO SENPAI you gave me a good laugh thanks mate. I wish you the best of luck with that moderator rank split it 5050 not he winnings with me okay
  4. Congrats! I hope you have fun in your new role for Indova! Gratz
  5. WOW NICE RNG! Gratz dude that's awesome
  6. WOOOOOOOOT GRATZ LEAN I'm proud of you!
  7. Welcome to Indova and the forums! Nice account so far dude! I'm so jelly of that magic lvl haha anyways I hope you enjoy your time here and I have fun
  8. Welcome to the forums mate! We are glad to see you sticking with us. Hope you keep enjoying your adventures here on Indova.
  9. I got 99 mining at mlm and i got a lot of gold nuggets. No support.
  10. Support I would like to stack up my vote exp and gain more time for skilling or pvming exp.
  11. Good Luck on your journey Rank 1 might be challenging though but keep at it!

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