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J W Kingsley

Super Indovian
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  1. Great job guys! Nice edition
  2. Woooo we made it to over 1 year! Gratz everyone lets continue having a blast!
  3. @Mackmut Woooo you did it good luck in your new role
  4. Hey I can create you a signature for free. No worry about paying. Just give me a theme you would like be it medieval, anime, anything you like. Then I can create you something. Here is a link to my current works I've made just for fun. I'm not an expert but I can still make nice things.
  5. Great update Thanks for your hard work Indova Team.
  6. Added some new art work for some friends and one new one for me. I know I'm not great but I'm trying to improve.
  7. Support glad its on the to do list. Now we just gotta wait
  8. Seems logical to have a timer in indova tab. Support
  9. Gotcha whats the difference between (i) and (ri) though nvm i read the picture anyways support

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