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  1. This will definitely be quite the grind. Best of luck to you - hope you stick to it!
  2. Nice progress - glad to see older players returning. Best of luck to you!
  3. Good idea; full support. 10 shards per totem would be fitting, imo.
  4. I wouldn't want to see this done until the vote shop itself is revamped with new items and adjusted prices. Going to merge this with your other vote topic.
  5. Thanks for hosting these, btw. Really nice of you.
  6. Has anyone actually purchased the cape, though? Even so, I think it's such a small, almost nonexistent sliver of the playerbase that would have it, so I don't see it being an issue if the cape was put in the store for like 50 or 75K points. I totally agree with 3A armour pieces. Those are the staple clue items that should be left as clue rewards, even 3A weapons I wasn't really suggesting, just the off-hand rares.
  7. Literally hate clues and have yet to do a single one, so I wouldn't mind seeing those higher tier rares in the vote shop, especially when considering how important the voting system is to the server. Fighter torso and rune defender are a no from me, as they're already quite easily obtainable. Ornament kits are definitely a good addition to the shop, though, and as I mentioned previously, they should be removed and replaced with something else in the credits store as they're just terrible choices to spend your credits on. The bottom line is, the upkeep of the server is literally dependent on what the vote shop contains. Less desirable items, less incentive to vote, less votes overall and then we begin losing rank on top lists. At this point, I'd support almost anything within reason. +1 Edit: My suggestion would be to add the champion's cape from the Achievement Rewards shop as a vote reward. No one has or likely ever will save up 100,000 achievement points to buy it and it's a nice cosmetic.
  8. hey Kadachi, could you please check my appeal?  appreciate it alot. thank you for helping and guiding me for my appeal. grtz much love, Sushimaker.

  9. In the donator benefits topic, I suggested the fee be lowered per donator tier. I suggested a 25K decrease per tier, but that can of course be changed. I think 250K is way too big of a difference from 1M, imo. Something more along the lines of 75 or 100K lower per doantor rank would be appropriate.
  10. Hi Kiyoshi, welcome to Indova!
  11. Going to clean up this thread. Please be mindful of your replies; remember that everyone is entitled to express their opinion. If you don't agree with a reply, you can either ignore it and move along or respond in a respectful manner.
  12. These both seem like great additions to either the Slayer or PvM store. Obviously the Slayer store is more fitting, but most people consider the PvM store to be rather lackluster, so I personally wouldn't mind seeing it added there.

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