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  1. Welcome to Indova, best of luck with your goal!
  2. Shadow

    the hunt

    Ah, I believe I've seen this on Rune-Server. All-in-all, it's a pretty nice piece. I like the different elements you've used, however I would recommend experimenting with your colour palette more. Also, try to keep in mind the fields of depth; the tree and far background are too well blended to establish a strong perspective. Keep it up
  3. I just want to make it VERY CLEAR that fortnight means bi-weekly, every 2 weeks and not Fortnite the game.. it’s unfortunate I have to clarify that, lol.
  4. Vote on the poll or I'll eat your ass, 

    (Probs gonna do it anyway)

    1. Justin
    2. Syndicate


      Don't be scaring me w/ a good time please.

    3. C R I M

      C R I M

      LOLOL oh god Felix xD

  5. I'm creating this poll to canvas how many people, if any, would be interested in participating in a Signature of the Fortnight competition. Generally most forums that hold a competition as such do it on a weekly basis (Signature of the Week), but I can already anticipate that being too short of a time period for an adequate amount of entries to be entered. Vote on the poll and please note that the winner of each competition would be given an in-game reward. Either cash or item(s); TBD. If you do not know what the competition would entail, you can read the spoiler below. The competition will have rules, of course, but it would ultimately be a friendly competition. I would encourage players to enter for the fun of it, regardless of whether they believe they'll win or not. Anyone who starts to become acerbic will be disqualified and may be prohibited from participating in any future SOTFs.
  6. Welcome to Indova! Be sure to PM @Frosty if you need any assistance, he just loves to help
  7. The OWP (one word post) rule has been amended so it does not apply to spam, introductions/farewells, goals and achievements, any official update boards and for any player-run/official events.
  8. Support. I generally tend to stack my votes and then claim 15+ at a time, so this would be beneficial to me and anyone else who does the same.
  9. Have yet to train construction myself, but I'd definitely be interested in seeing 200M EXP capes implemented.
  10. It's generally dependent on the substance of the book itself; there are definitely books that are better laid out in a series format rather than a standalone format and vice versa. I also enjoy short story compilations like Lovecraft's Necronomicon.
  11. I'm actually ok with the difficulty it is currently at, especially take this into account from the latest update. Most players, at some point, will change their exp rate to something below 25x for the benefits that come along with it. The difficulty it is at now prevents people from easily exhausting their need to do slayer (for items/perks).
  12. Fun introduction, welcome to Indova!
  13. Hi Iron Twee, welcome to Indova

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