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  1. Yea that would be nice. Also would be sick to have "last-task" ability on slayer masters(we have this for skilling tasks)with a fee of like 30-50 slayer points.
  2. As i said, some custom content would be nice and that can be cosmetics. And we already had gear in donator store, it didn't impact that much except for irons because back in the days ironmen were able to buy the gear from donor shop. But im fine if its just cosmetics in donator store too. The thing is that at the moment those cosmetics are kinda shit For example evil chicken outfits are in donator store but also in mboxes, there is alot of evil chicken sets ingame due mboxes so no1 is willing to buy from donator store. So something you could do for example is remove the cosmetics from mboxes and make those obtainable only from store(even tho its a bit late for that since so many of those cosmetics already ingame from boxes), but for the future it could be a way to go.
  3. Yes alot players cry about p2win if there is gear but it isn't really different if u sell bonds and buy gear with that money. Just don't let ironmen buy gear and don't add twisted bows or such and it should be fine.
  4. At the moment it is hard to even sell bonds because not many players willing to spend gp just for rank that doesn't give that great benefits either, except the first donator rank. Recycled items was a great thing to add, now just make other items good too. Mboxes are fine now.
  5. I think we need new donator shop or atleast update for ::store. The items are not really good at the moment and really only thing worth to buy is mboxes (and maybe limited time items if u are collector). I think even the donator shop we had earlier ingame had quite a bit better items in it than the current store. In my opinion items in donator shop should be better and not only cosmetics even tho it might make it more pay2win but it isn't a problem in my opinion since players can already buy and sell bonds to get ingame items. The non cosmetic items should probably be for regular players only, that way ironmen still need to get items by grinding. Also i am not saying you should add like all the best gears in that donator shop, just some items worth buying. Maybe you could add some custom items in it since the custom content got alot support? Example for custom item would be like: pink halloween mask or lime santa.
  6. Just use rune darts for normal npcs and save dragon darts for something actually hard boss. And to be honest it isn't that bad to get dragon darts, just kill stuff like rune dragons and buy supply crates with skilling points.
  7. kc 356 HOLY MOLY! i got this the very next task
  8. In Game name: Enjoy skilla Do you want to attend: Yes
  9. Buying black and inverted santa hats good price, pm me ingame. enjoy skilla
  10. So, first u added because people cried about those being too rare. Then listened to the guys who already had boots and complained because boots are going to crash now?
  11. Good job, just weird that u add ranger boots for a day then remove them.

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