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  1. I will be participating on Enjoy Skilla. Best of luck everyone!
  2. AWESOME! Though i am a bit sad about that crate with zanik, already spent 700+ keys trying to get that and now its in shop I'm just a little bit salty. But otherwise gj
  3. As i said, feel free to suggest items. And as long as it isn't only supplies its fine - there needs to be some rare rewards to make those box interesting.
  4. I see your point, i just feel it makes it alot more interesting if there is this small chance of obtaining something actually good. It could be like 0,001% to get 3rd item from it or something like that. But yea maybe take some of the items u said off or just adjust it for ironmen.
  5. Thats why i asked to comment reward ideas.
  6. So, as some of you might know there is nothing to buy with pvm points after getting the items from shop. Would be nice to get something like pvm point crate to spend points on, just like we have supply crates and herb boxes in skilling shop. The crate could have items like: Crystal keys, food, potions (maybe some super combats/restores but also something juicy like super antifires or anti venoms)dragon arrows and darts, xp lamps for combat stats, some normal items such as dragon scimitar, granite maul. Ideas for uncommon items: whip, staff of light, mages book, bandos boots, infinity boots, dragon boots, mystery box, 25-50x lava dragon/superior dragon bones, master wand, ornament kits, 20-50k bloodmoney. Also i think it would be great if there were some rare item/s or a pet (not sure if there is any pets left to use tho). Let me just point out that the rare items listed here should actually be very rare to get - for example the 3rd age weapons could be there and that would make alot players grind pvm points even more but once again, MUST BE VERY RARE LOOT to actually keep those items "rare". Some ideas for rare items: clue caskets, dragonfire shield, 3rd age weapons,(black/rainbow partyhat could be like ultra rare reward or actually added to the shop with price of like 250k pvm points) I think there should be something actually worth quite a bit to make things more interesting - the suggested rare rewards are just some ideas what it could be. The chance of getting those could be very very low but as long as there is the chance it would be great! Let me know what you guys think and also let me know what items you think should be added/removed? I was struggling to think about all the items.
  7. Could these be in ammo slot? Would make my fashionscape better if i had my shield hand free At the moment it is shield slot for icons.
  8. Yea that would be nice. Also would be sick to have "last-task" ability on slayer masters(we have this for skilling tasks)with a fee of like 30-50 slayer points.
  9. Just use rune darts for normal npcs and save dragon darts for something actually hard boss. And to be honest it isn't that bad to get dragon darts, just kill stuff like rune dragons and buy supply crates with skilling points.
  10. kc 356 HOLY MOLY! i got this the very next task

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