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  1. In Game name: Enjoy skilla Do you want to attend: Yes
  2. Hey, Here is some small suggestions i would personally love to see added. -Would be great to be able to see the item of the week in crystal chest somehow. -When you log in it does not show sold or bought items in grand exchange. In osrs it gives a text notification when you log in, here it only gives it if you are logged in while the offer you have in ge updates. -Make set destination option on wilderness obelisks work for those with, for example: wilderness sword 3 or 4, or x amount of achievements/wilderness achievements completed.(this is not as important as the 2 suggestions above) -Grand exchange show sell offers and buy offers when you go and try to buy/sell an item, but instead of showing how many offers there are it shows the amount of items in ge. Like for runite bars, it says "sell offers: 2495" I think it woud be better if it showed the amount of offers instead of item amount. (again not so important as the first 2)
  3. Buying black and inverted santa hats good price, pm me ingame. enjoy skilla
  4. So, first u added because people cried about those being too rare. Then listened to the guys who already had boots and complained because boots are going to crash now?
  5. Good job, just weird that u add ranger boots for a day then remove them.
  6. Great update! But about that corproral beast instance, it resets when you bank and i need 1-3inventorys to solo corp so that instance room seems a bit useless unless you are in completely max gear so you can get 1 kill per inv. Wondering if its possible to have corp in that instance room not resetting every time you leave the room?
  7. Good job! Time to to hit that 125 achievement mark now.
  8. I don't like the prestige idea tbh, it could work but i think it is a bit too much. Was thinking if we just get some additional xp after 99 (depending on gamemode) it wouldn't be that much different from osrs except the capes ofc.
  9. Awesome clan with very active, helpfull and nice people in it. Great events too (bandos mass, drop parties, hide and seeks etc.). We have something for everyone, you can just come hang out and chat with others or you can participate in events, find duo slayer partners and all kind of stuff! We even have our own discord channel where you can see incoming events, chat with people, see whats new or just post memes Would recommend everyone to check it out!
  10. Would be cool to have master skillcapes maybe with some additional effect or just for fashioncape. Requirement could be either level 120(104m xp) or 200m xp in that skill.

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