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  1. I will be participating on Enjoy Skilla. Best of luck everyone!
  2. True. But if we had those larran's chests and pvp armour rewards in those and in wilderness chest, it wouldn't be only from pking but from wildy slayer too(which no1 really does atm).
  3. Exactly why the pvp items should be from wildy chests - to keep the items rare and valuable because the pvp items are so good compared to other items and to get players into pking. Also gary suggested larran's keys - pvp armours could be rewards from the deep wildy larran's chest and also from wilderness keys.
  4. This is good suggestion, 100% support. I don't think we need that announce when the chest is opened. All we need is good rewards from this to make it a thing - the osrs rewards might be good in osrs but if we use the same rewards (skilling supplies) I don't think people will do it. Rewards could maybe be something similiar with glod rewards?
  5. As long as it wont show where your target is, I agree. This is just because we have so small playercount and normally 1-5 people in wildy that it would give huge benefit for team/clans over single players. For example: if someone in a clan is killing revenants and I am solo pking at deep wildy trying to surprise people, the guy killing revenants might get me as a target and see "enjoy skilla in level 52 wilderness" like it is in osrs. He can immediately inform the team and my only advantage(surprising players) is gone. This is important especially because at the moment 70% of the players are in same clan and it is already risky/difficult to try and pk if you are not in it.
  6. And what are the major issues? Pking works well and you can't expect active wilderness with this playercount.. Considering theres normally 20-60 online and most of the time 1-4 in wildy(more when glod spawns) the wildy activity isn't that bad and will increase if we get players.
  7. Yea but there should be another way, this just seems dumb when i am getting 5k+ bloodmoney per kill but my shutdown is 4k bloodmoney We already have it so you won't get rewards if you kill same player in a row within 5 minutes, so i don't think increasing shutdown bloodmoney is gonna make that big difference. I got this 20 killstreak in like a 5 days of pking and you get 5-10k bm every 2 hours from glod, thats what i call farming..
  8. I am currently on 19 killstreak, when i kill player i get like 5k bloodmoney but still the amount of bloodmoney you get if you kill me and end my streak is only 4k bloodmoney. Seems very low for me, it should be more like 40k bloodmoney if you shutdown player with 20 killstreak.
  9. AWESOME! Though i am a bit sad about that crate with zanik, already spent 700+ keys trying to get that and now its in shop I'm just a little bit salty. But otherwise gj
  10. As i said, feel free to suggest items. And as long as it isn't only supplies its fine - there needs to be some rare rewards to make those box interesting.
  11. I see your point, i just feel it makes it alot more interesting if there is this small chance of obtaining something actually good. It could be like 0,001% to get 3rd item from it or something like that. But yea maybe take some of the items u said off or just adjust it for ironmen.
  12. Thats why i asked to comment reward ideas.

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