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  1. Maeva


    wtf I want one it's 10/10
  2. While they're good ideas, I think Tom doesn't want this game to become pay to win so likely not going to happen with the drop rate etc. Expanding on the dono dungeon is a good idea as well, because that's not pay to win. That's pay for convenience and that's better. @alexan's idea of lower gwd kc's is neat though. I'd be down for that for sure.
  3. how long does it take to fix a laptop
  4. Just gonna slide in here with something that's not rap.
  5. This is still cool as always. Do we have stats on pets? Like how many people own X pet?
  6. hello friends 25/07 there will be bonds to be had random trivia or i'll just drop them on the ground who knows its a mystery yay
  7. I hate math but this is nice.
  8. jokes on u its both also worst pokemon ever 7/10
  9. I nominate @Frosty. Is always onto it to help people, while in support role and his new found mod role. Provides correct information and is nice about it. Always down for some friendly banter and enjoys teleporting randomly. 10/10.
  10. 2/10 I prefer tape measures to rulers

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