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  1. Congrats! ^.^ Wingdragon has evolved into Winged Dragon of Ra.
  2. What is that disgusting signature and where do I get one

  3. Hi Song, welcome to Indoughva. Hope you enjoy your time here! :3 @Kadachi will be at your leisure to assist you with anything.
  4. Hihi friend, welcome to Indova. Be sure to vote everyday and eat your veggies! <:
  5. Wow, nice list! These are all pretty great and get my support, aside from removing the teleport options and rune defender/dh set being in a revamped vote shop. ;v
  6. IGN: Anya Don't think I'll even come close to winning but oh wells.
  7. Noice bank. That rune longsword is looking quite mint there. ^-^
  8. I do prefer a dark theme, but this light theme is also kind of nice. I just think if the background shade of this new theme was made a dark grey then it would fit much better with everything. On a side note: I really do like the new client background and forum logo. Tis' the season. (´・ω・`)
  9. Anya

    Sup fellas

    Hi Ant in the grass, welcome to Indova. \^-^

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