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  1. I do prefer a dark theme, but this light theme is also kind of nice. I just think if the background shade of this new theme was made a dark grey then it would fit much better with everything. On a side note: I really do like the new client background and forum logo. Tis' the season. (´・ω・`)
  2. Anya

    Sup fellas

    Hi Ant in the grass, welcome to Indova. \^-^
  3. Awesum event, gl everyone! ^-^ http://prntscr.com/l13ks5
  4. Anya

    Best Story Games

    Very hard to narrow down, but I would say Halo, The Last of Us and Bioshock. Special shoutout to Nier: Automata as well. c:
  5. Anya


    Welcome to Indova! Pm me if ya need or anything or just want to chat. ^-^
  6. Fly away, Hawk. Fly. Away. '-'
  7. Every time I come back online there is something new and exciting in the update posts. I really haven't seen so much dedication in a long time from an owner, so good stuff, Tommy. You dun good, kid. c;
  8. Good job, Ubz. You're making me proud.. I might just cry a bit. ;~;
  9. 0/10. Melts after the winter.
  10. Can you not? Thx.

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