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  1. Make vorkath bones work with bone crusher Allow xp drops after getting 200m xp in a skill Make dragon thrown axes from CoX wearable Give Adam, Paul and Juan right click options similar to the town crier and Turael Make the decanter ask which doses you would like when decanting (1) (2) (3) (4) dose Add silver jewelry (Expeditious bracelet & Bracelet of slaughter mainly) Make weapons remember their last attack style (eg. Blowpipe on rapid > Switch to trident long range > Switch back to blowpipe and have it stay on rapid) Make Blowpipe, trident and tentacle whip all allowed to use placeholders
  2. Chunce

    Slayer guide

    @Ralts Text color needs to be changed
  3. Please for the love of everything add an optional dark mode theme
  4. 62 kc tbow 11 medium clues for ranger boots
  5. In-game name: ChunceTheatre of Blood/Chambers of Xerics kill count: 2-54Picture of gear: https://imgur.com/BVQzxRZWhat would make you an asset to Deviant Warriors?: Like learning new and better ways to do each boss and enjoy raids+bossing in generalCan anyone vouch your place in the clan?: @you8 2 l8
  6. Let us make it: "You will need to bring an egg, bowl of water, pot of flour, and bucket of milk to Rohak." (He's under white wolf mountain) Or simply put it in the PvM shop
  7. Chunce

    Slayer Log

    I don't think anything in the catacombs count toward your slayer log. Heres a list of the ones that don't work though Hell hounds Dagannoth Dust devil Kalphite (little ones - the big ones do count) Skleletal Wyverns Ankou Spiritual creature Lizardmen Cave Kraken Cave Bugs Wall Beasts These ones work in the slayer tower(or slayer dungeon) but not catacombs: Aberrant spectres Bloodveld Jellies Nechryael
  8. http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Bedsheet And let us trade it with the ghost disciple at the ecto altar with 1k-5k tokens for the ecto soaked version. Plz <3
  9. Bones to peaches works correctly already, doesn't it? I used it at Saradomin GWD. Also DWH doesn't really seem inaccurate at all in my time using it I rarely miss but often hit stupidly high (60s-70)
  10. Raids 1 would be used far far more than TOB currently. TOB pretty much REQUIRES 5 people to have the highest end gear which few players have. Raids 1 can be done without the highest end gear and can also be done in smaller groups or even solo. I'd love to see farming get finished with bushes, flower patches and compost\super compost included as well as the fruit trees and spirit trees. Duo (and maybe trio ;)) mode would also be awesome to have.
  11. Could you do this with the coal bag as well? Using empty while banking just deposits it right now.

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