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  1. As someone who uses VPN's a lot and someone who has a dynamic IP, it gets annoying having to do Auth everytime I want to login. So I suggest making Auth only ask if your MAC changes
  2. Yes. Because most of the players are ironmen so allowing them to drop trade will bring items into the economy for regular players to actually be able to buy. Because they cant get any items because 90% of players are ironmen who currently cant trade
  3. 42 days play time is not waiting lmao.
  4. Disagree with the post count. Some people just aren't forum people, others are good tho
  5. Updated, some juicy drops and a lil xp gains
  6. Well after killing 300+ snakes for snakeskin I concur about that QOL lul. Also RIP dxp global event ~100 votes away petition for event at 150 votes
  7. Why is he even here. Move him by the door. If cutting mahogany's you need to path all the way around the trees, making him unless as you can just tp out and bank then tp back which is cheaper. Moving him closer so you dont path would make it faster than banking
  8. Big update mad gains over the dxp event

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