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  1. Adding a duo ironman storage. it would basically be a mini shared bank between partners, that holds up 15-20 items between both partners. let me know what you think and any suggestions to make it better post below and ill add it to this
  2. i support this as a ex ironman, you can get a rune axe from lava dragons in the wildy too, believe its a uncommon drop.
  3. what if instead of GP for completing tasks in the wilderness from her, she would instead give blood money. would have to be scaled down to make it a fair amount to give. would actually make me want to use the wilderness slayer master, and maybe make more people want to use her too, which can make more people in the wilderness for pkers.
  4. add ranging potions to tob shop, because we have everything else in there but ranging pots.
  5. adding the farmers outfit to the skilling store, which would do the same as the other skilling sets but provide bonus xp to farming
  6. Thank you for the feedback i will make some adjustments to some of them!
  7. These suggestions came from members of Syndicate CC, over the last few days we have been putting together suggestions and making one list of them. Credit will be given to the players suggestion. Auto Smash empty vial option. could be an option from the Emblem trader at home, or maybe the decant NPC. (Animanex) Timed Paid instances. You pay X amount for 1 hour of a instance. if you die in that instance, you can just go back and get items. Indonvians+ get % off or just a flat amount off per donation tier. (Ali, Animanex) Duo Skilling tasks. (To Gain) Have Skilling tasks give you an xp boost and decent sum of skilling points at the end of the task depending on the duration or difficulty of said task. (Ali) Be able to keep you slayer task streak when duoing with someone who took a task from a different slayer master. (Ali) People with 99 in a skill receive a slight boost in a chance of receiving a pet in that skill. (Ali) Add a 'Buy X' option to items in the stores. (Ali) Barrows Points. Completing a full run of barrows will reward the player with 100 barrows points. you can then exchange the barrow points in for 4 random barrows pieces for 15,000 points. its a mandatory 150 runs of barrows which is over the drop rate of receiving 4 items from barrows. could also add a event for 1.5/2.0 barrows points. but that is up to everyone. (Fe Dissi) PvM Tasks. You would have Easy, Medium, Hard tasks. that can range anywhere from Killing a boss X amount of times, completing a raid, Etc. would award you with Either PvM Points or maybe a new currency for completing the tasks, that would open up more rewards, such as infinity boots, or some other type of items we do not have yet, that people want. (Fe Dissi) (Declined, slayer tasks exist) When Construction gets released, Plank Make spell, should have a reduced cost for Indovians+ and higher the donator you are the more you have off of the cost to make planks. (Fe Dissi) if you have any feedback please post below and i can make changes to what people think would be better!
  8. i joined around the 3 or 4th day of joining the server, and it has been a good,fun and very helpful clan. everyone helps out and is respectful. glad to be apart of the community and cant wait to see it grow

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