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  1. I blame @Kadachi for this one.
  2. 99 fishing is done. Wow that is one slow skill... Gonna be onto some woodcutting and runecrafting (hi @Stoop) next.
  3. Peri


    Agree on this one. Amethyst mining is already way faster here than on OSRS so I don't see a need to make it any faster. If anything I guess I would be ok with decreasing the respawn timers since that wouldn't affect your xp if you're the only one there but could help if there are a lot of people at the amethyst mine.
  4. I don't support adding them to shops, to be honest. Combo runes are more of a niche item so I don't think it makes sense to just throw them into the shop where anyone can buy them anytime to replace the normal elemental runes. Adding the ability to runecraft them would definitely be neat though. I'd support that.
  5. Peri


    Personally I'd love to see birdhouses because I hate training hunter lol. And yeah as Kingsley said, Wintertodt has been suggested a few times before, but every time we poll it to see how high of a priority the playerbase gives it, it's never at the top of the list. So that doesn't mean it won't ever get added, just that it hasn't been at the top of the priority list yet.
  6. 99 farming finally done. Easy skill but it takes a while... 99 fishing should finish up in a few days as well
  7. I'd be ok if it was exchangeable, but not at the full cost of the crate. Maybe you could get back half the cost of the crate, whatever that is. I think it should stay random but at least this way it's not just a worthless item.
  8. Brief detour to get 99 con is done . Back to fishing.
  9.  Dear Indovians, Please vote for one of the following nominations for January's Member of the Month. @hakunamatata He is always helping any new players within the home area that have just joined the server. He is also willing to teach/has been teaching new players how to do proper bossing/Raids. @Golden Sun He is a super nice guy that is always extremely polite and kind to everyone he talks to. He's also been with us since nearly the beginning of the server. @Arma He's a very consistent and dedicated PvMer, and just recently completed a solo run of Theatre of Blood (which not many people have done) on his HCIM, and even got a unique item drop to boot. @Itzgutta He is another one of the server's very dedicated and talented PvMers; always very active with his raiding and bossing. @Rigmode2 He's another player that has been going out of his way to take newer players through the raids and teach them the ropes. He's a very helpful and kind guy. If a player is asking for votes, this will lead to the player being disqualified and prevents them from being nominated as the MotM in the current and potentially in any future MotM events. Report those who are found to be doing this (with evidence) in the report section. Best regards, The Indova Staff Team
  10. Budget gear/inventory setup pictures added by request of @core. Thanks for the suggestion .
  11. Personally I don't see a reason to make a separate case for combat xp. You can already gain afk exp 30 minutes at a time. No other skills have that, so I don't think that gap needs to be widened any further.
  12. Double gratz Both well-deserved, obviously.
  13. That's pretty much it. Anything that is 100% afkable just ruins the integrity of the game, in my opinion. It wouldn't be an achievement anymore. Just look at magic, for example. Doesn't really mean anything when you can just stay logged in for a week straight or whatever and have the game hand you free xp for 0 effort. I'd prefer if we removed splashing entirely (but that's a separate issue), but I definitely don't want to add any more free xp skills. No support from me.
  14. Runecrafting will be after fishing, Dad
  15. Made a big construction push in what little time I could play during this dxp event, but wasn't quite able to get to 99. Back to fishing while I wait for another dxp, or at least 2.0x construction, event

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