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  1. It currently resets 24 hours after your last use, so I agree that 12 hours is probably a better choice.
  2. I can't speak to whether or not this feature would be possible/feasible, but I do believe that the Sigmund value is (almost) always 1.5x the high alch value. So you can keep that in mind while looking at the HA values to determine whether it'd be useful to sell it to Sigmund. Maybe there are exceptions to this rule, but I think in general it should work out.
  3. been a hot minute since ive seen you, gz on admin dude

  4. The problem with this is that this is what turned us into the "osrs btw" meme. The number of people that want to play a 1:1 osrs mirror rather than osrs itself it quite small, and I think that's why our player count was relatively low even at our peak.
  5. Dear Indovians, The following promotion has taken place this week: @hc gutta has been promoted to Server Moderator. We are in need of staff. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Indova staff team
  6. That's a good idea. I did plan on having a section on scouting, and the whitelist/blacklist feature is definitely helpful for that.
  7. ** CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS** Chambers of Xeric Table of Contents Intro Rewards Requirements/Recommendations Gear/Inventory Setup To be continued with in-depth mechanics... Intro Hey everyone, and welcome to my Chambers of Xeric guide. After my Theatre of Blood guide (shameless plug) I've received numerous requests for a Chambers of Xeric guide so here it is. Now, just as with my ToB guide and as the title states, this will mostly be a guide for beginners. The goal here is to get people who have never raided before, or maybe never soloed before, and send them on their way that to soloing that TBow drop. As such, I will be focusing on the basic mechanics and basic gear setups and won't go into things like a max gear setup or the most optimal way to run each room. So, let's get to it. Rewards To be completed... Requirements/Recommendations To be completed... Gear/Inventory Setup As I said in the intro, since this is a beginner's guide I won't show the absolute max gear setup but rather just a basic gear setup with some possible item alternatives. Similarly, this is an inventory that's set up with the expectation that you will be making potions inside the raid in order to prep for the final boss. Generally if you are more experienced with raiding and running "no-preps" (i.e. not making any potions inside the raid and instead completing the entire raid with only the items you bring in and the ones that drop along the way), you'd probably want to bring more potions. Let's start with the gear. Elite Void - Void is a great gear setup for beginners since it allows you to bring fewer gear switches, is very easy to get, and is still pretty solid stats-wise. Necklace of Anguish - Your standard best-in-slot range necklace. Fury is acceptable if you don't have Anguish. Ava's Assembler - Best-in-slot range cape. Self-explanatory. The lower-level Ava's items will work. Pegasian Boots - Best-in-slot range boots. Dragonhide or Snakeskin Boots will work here. Brimstone Ring - Provides Melee, Range, and Mage bonuses so this is great for using all 3 combat styles in raids. You could bring an Archer's Ring if you don't have a Brimstone Ring, or all 3 Dag Rings if you want to bring more switches. Any blessing - Free prayer bonus. Toxic Blowpipe - Your main ranged weapon. Twisted Bow would be an obvious upgrade, but I wouldn't recommend anything lower than a Blowpipe. And now the inventory. First up, a 6-way melee switch. You can bring more than 6, or you can bring less than 6, but I feel that 6 is a good number that makes it easy to switch from 1 gear set to the next. Max melee gear like Bandos and so on would be better than Void, but this guide will just cover the void setup. Void melee Helm - Self-explanatory. Whip/Tentacle/Rapier/Dragonhunter Lance/Scythe of Vitur - Tons of options for melee weapons here. Solo raids are 100% doable with your basic Abyssal Whip, so anything above that is just an upgrade and is not necessary. Obviously bring your best defender if your chosen weapon is one-handed. Amulet of Torture - Your standard best-in-slot melee amulet. Fury is acceptable. Primordial Boots - Best-in-slot melee boots. Dragon Boots are fine. Infernal Cape - Best-in-slot melee cape. Fire cape is fine. Next is a 6-way mage switch. Again, 6 is just a nice number and you can bring more or less if you want. If you have a Tormented Bracelet, a normal mage setup rather than Void would be better, but again I won't cover that here. Void Mage Helm - Self-explanatory. Trident/Swamp Trident/Sanguinesti Staff - Really anything with a built-in spell should get the job done. Hell, you could do it with an Iban's Staff. Mage Offhand - Obviously Arcane Spirit Shield would be best here, but I only have that in the screenshot because I didn't have anything worse. Any kind of mage offhand will do the trick, even an empty prayer book just for the prayer bonus. Occult Necklace - Best-in-slot mage necklace. Your trusty fury would work here. Eternal Boots - Best-in-slot mage boots. Basic stuff like Mystic Boots would be fine. Imbued God Cape - Best-in-slot mage cape. Bring along a regular God Cape if you haven't done Mage Arena 2 yet. And finally let's round it out with the supplies and miscellaneous items. Sara Brews - Self-explanatory healing potions. As I said above, if you were running "no-preps" you could bring more than I have here, just to make sure you don't run out. 5 should be plenty if you're planning on making potions inside the raid, which I would 100% recommend for beginners. Super Restores - Self-explanatory. Maybe bring 1 or 2 more if you're running no-preps. Antipoison Potion of some kind - One of the rooms you can get in the raid is Lizardman Shamans which can poison you, so it doesn't hurt to bring in an antipoison so you're not needlessly poisoned. This is optional, really. Super Combat Potion - Self-explanatory. You really only need it leading up to the Olm fight, since you'll be using Overloads for that fight. Range Potion - Same as above. Pickaxe - One of the rooms you can get requires use of a pickaxe to defeat it, so you should always bring one just in case. Dragon Warhammer - This is not required but it is a huge help. Not only is the spec great for fights against Tekton and Olm, but it also acts as a hammer for the Crab puzzle room (more on that later). ** TO BE CONTINUED**
  8. Spoiler so I don't ruin anything. Interested in seeing what other content you manage to do.
  9. Dear Indovians, The following promotions and resignations have taken place this week: @MonkeyB has been promoted to Server Moderator. @Ralts has been promoted to Head Moderator. @Pacmale has resigned from Server Moderator. We want to thank Pacmale for his time and service as staff and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. We are in need of staff. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Indova staff team
  10. Peri


    Diving right into UIM huh? Best of luck to you and welcome to Indova
  11. Hey there Indovians, We wanted to make a quick post to let you guys know what's been in the pipeline for the staff and development team recently as far as the topics we've been discussing, the updates we've been planning, and so on. So, without further ado... Drop rate changes We've been discussing some drop rate changes that we and the community feel are much needed. With these changes we plan to focus on both the early-game grinds as well as the end-game grinds. The goal here is to make the early game grind for those staple drops less exhausting for both new and old players alike, and also make those end-game grinds for best-in-slot items less of a mountain to climb. Completionist Cape A Completionist Cape is something we've been wanting to do for a while, and is something that has been suggested numerous times by the community. Recently we've been discussing tooons of stuff about the cape such as the model of the cape, what the requirements should be, what the stats should be, what perks should come with it, and so on. We're hoping to make this an item that everyone will strive for and want to achieve, while still making sure that the requirements aren't so insane that very few people can meet them. Personally I'm super excited for this. Raids 3 If you've been keeping up in the discord you will have seen Tom mention a custom implementation of a third raid coming to Indova. Now, I don't have any specifics to reveal at the moment since there are still things that need to be determined, but this is very much still a hot topic of discussion with a ton of great ideas being thrown around. We're really excited to see this come to fruition. We hope everyone is just as excited about these upcoming updates as we are! Be sure to stay tuned both on the forums as well as in the #announcements and #dev-blogs channels on our Discord server for the most up-to-date information about these updates moving forward. Best regards, The Indova Administration Team
  12. Dear Indovians, The following promotions have taken place this week: @Mackmut has been promoted to Server Moderator. @Peri has been promoted to Administrator. We are in need of staff. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Indova staff team
  13. The reason behind these chosen prices that you pointed out is all about supply and demand. The number of peg crystals in the game is wayyyyy higher than the number of ranger boots. Because of that, yeah the peg crystal is essentially worthless. I wouldn't pay more than 5m for one. That being said, you can't really take the prices in the guide as literal. Just because pegs are listed at 200m and rangers are listed at 200m doesn't mean that the crystal is literally worth 0gp; everything is just an estimate. Similarly, a ring of suffering would be worth less than a zenyte because it has a much lower demand than a zenyte and thus has a lower resale value. Very few people are interested in buying a ring of suffering, but lots of people are interested in buying a zenyte in order to make the more sought after zenyte jewelry. Also, the goal of the price guide that I had in mind when I created it was just to serve as a rough estimate for prices so that people don't get completely ripped off when buying or selling something. Keeping a price guide 100% accurate 100% of the time is just impossible and unnecessary. Is an abyssal whip exactly 10m or 15m this week? Who cares. If you're paying somewhere within the range listed in the price guide, odds are it's a decent deal.
  14. Damn, Frosty and Ruler... Two of the OGs. Been with us since the beginning. The team really won't be the same without you guys. Gutta and Monkey, best of luck on the new positions. I know you'll do great.

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