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  1. Dear Indovians, The following promotion has taken place this week: @juicy grapes has been promoted to Server support. We are in need of staff. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Indova staff team
  2. My luckiest ever drop. All ToB items are done, but only 4/7 were my own drops. 10/15 CoX items are done, and 8 of those were my own drops. No pets from anywhere yet though lol.
  3. Sorry, gotta do a bit of a humble brag here My unofficial goal for a while now has been to get what I consider the 3 rarest/most sought after PvM drops.That would be Ely from Corp, TBow from Xerics, and Scythe from ToB. With my Scythe drop today that finally happened. Total killcounts were something like 2500 Corp kills, 260 Xerics completions, and 375 ToB completions.
  4. Ayy nice choice starting on 10x. That's what I started on as well. Good luck on your journey
  5. Hey there! Welcome to the server
  6. This was done on purpose so that low xp rate players who may not be able to make all of the potions are not at a disadvantage. By giving the points to whoever drinks the potion instead of whoever makes the potion, it makes that more fair.
  7. Just wanted to day that drinking pots does give points. Anyway, if the rest of the actions you mentioned give points in osrs then I would support them giving points here.
  8. Ely: check
    Tbow: check
    Scythe: ?????

    1. Deluxe


      Short of 4.99£

    2. Justin
  9. Always interesting to see what methods other people use for olm since there really are many ways you can go about it. Thanks for the video
  10. Periphery


    Hey man! Don't think I've run into you in game yet but I hope you've been enjoying your time here
  11. 7/10 hey you're that guy that does that stamp emote

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